When “short” truly permeates every area of your life

As true manifestation usually does – femdom included! 🙂

I was recently asked by a lady working on some of my Audible projects if what she was experiencing (an uncanny resemblance between book covers and her FACE – years later – hehe).

I then told her about how I “write things in advance”, then Sharon Style – basic Instinct! 😉 – they come true “sans the murders”, hehe.

And they do, and as of late, they don’t come true in years – they come true within days – or almost minutes as it were – and this includes EVERY aspect of my life.

Including, my style of signing off as “MW” or “<chopped>” – depending upon which biz I’m writing for, and the ladies picking up “MC”, “MW”. etc. No prizes for guessing what M stands for, my friend! Hehe.

And short?

Well workout wise, same thing – SHORT AND INTENSE workouts!

I woke up late, so am pressed for time.

No problem – as Sissy Workouts will tell you – isometric movements combined with quick squats ASS to grass – pun! Hehe –  lend themselves to a great workout, anywhere, anyplace, anytime!

I just got done with 80 regular squats, and 20 “jump” squats done REGULAR style, flat footed.  (thank you, “RM”! Hehe)

And I’m BUZZING my friend.

Short ?

Glyn might remember his tinky – tiny – rinky – dinky – LOL – wanker! ? 🙂 

That he so loves, of course – and thats that – back soon!



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