Praising Perfect Madam Susan . . . .

Yes, that’s indeed a JOB for me! !

Unlike when I wrote the Madam Carrie series, these days I rarely have the good fortune to talk to Perfect Madam Susan. Very rarely indeed!

But every time I see her, and talk to her (or just talk to her perfect self), I want to drop down to my knees, and repeat what she taught me all those years ago (actually just 3, but it feels like a long time! ?).

“Talk to my soles, boy! Not me!”

And as this ravishingly DOMINANT lady – – older lady (I was about to put “sexy and dominant”, but I figured I’d remove the sexy part, because eher mind is what makes her so damned sexy!!) changed her picture today on WeChat,  I just had to say something.

“Madam, you’re so perfect!”

“Susan, you look more gorgeous by the day! 😀 😀 :D”

“And you have strong legs . . . “

(Her new picture shows her legs, slightly bigger than what I rememeber and I remember so well. All them nights spent pressing them, of course!)

And you know my thoughts on her feet of course, as well as her legs.

And as for “strong”, well, Princess Sophia comes to mind.

“I have strong feet, boy! Not elegant!”

Remember her? ?

Or, Sophia Bai, perfect Madam Sophia Bai who more than her “ugly feet” (right! I don’t think so!) introduced me to Madam Su, the BEST cuckoldress ever . . .

I’m sure you do, if you’re an avid Watson fan!

And Susan too, of course.

She sent me a couple of grins, and a typically terse and short response.

“My legs are fat!”

She’s busy, boy! Much like Madam Vicky, her of the high heels I wrote about not once, but twice, and probably several times is .  . . !!

“As usual, I’m praising you. I hope Madam doesn’t mind?”

“I think your legs don’t matter, Madam! And I think, not so fat! Always attractive!”

“Don’t you agree, Madam?” (with a huge grin)

“Actually I’m not just praising you. I’m being honest!”

“Susan is a Goddess. Always!” (huge grin)

“ . . . but only if she doesn’t mind the praise. How are you? Long time no chat. Still cooking spicy food (accompanied by a giggle) – and still hating dishes (TWO huge grins!)”

You, the reader, would be forgiven for thinking this was a two way conversation, but it isn’t.

And this ‘busy lady’ is no doubt smirking reading all this remembering the spell she wove on me (still has) and the POWER she has over me – still! ?

And the above conversation contains two very important tips that I cover in my book on finding the dominant lady of your DREAMS – albeit in cloaked form.

See if you can find ‘em – and write back to me if you can!


Mike Watson

PS – I spoke about cuckolding up there, and this email would incomplete without guiding you, the prospective CUCK by the “hand” (?) to the BEST Damned course out there on cuckolding – Cuck Central.

PS #2 – First FIVE people that get BOTH the tips correct get a 20% coupon on any of my products. Email me back – let me know! ?

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