More on “do terms really matter”?

Terminology – ugh.

Labels – bugger – BIGGER – ugh!

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, who cares if folks call it “gay” or what not – who cares if people call it whatever – so long as it’s safe, sane and consensual between adults, thats all that MATTERS and counts!

I’ve gone hoarse explaining this to folks, but I persist, funny part – those same folks who “deride” and put others in brackets and labels often have all these same fantasies and fetishes themselves that they’re too scared to admit to themselves (think Bozo Glyn pestering women in China – haha).

Over the past few days, so much has been going on I haven’t had time to keep y’all on the list updated, but I will “by and by”.

One of the things – well, I’ve told you how I went ga ga over the narrator for Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots – that DEEP, sexy contralto MANLY VOICE! MY!

Of course, everything – every person has a yin and yang, two sides … and, well, his WIFE sent in several auditions for Profound Poses – Volume One, and fantastic ones, she’s very receptive to feedback too – thank you again Signe!

Her voice was the only thing sounding off, often times I feel women narrating sound “exhausted” (it can be a tiring job putting the vibe into it voice wise!) – and I asked a certain Dominique this as well, hehe, who got back with “Madam is never tired when narrating these, thats just my voice!”

So it is my friend, so it is … and I received THIS response from Signe today.

A most interesting one, I thought I’d share it!

Thank you! To answer your questions, firstly, yes, I am a contralto. My voice falls below the normal female range. If I try to sound too sexy I may sound more like a drag queen than a woman, but I have never had any complaints about that 😉 . Contraltos often have velvety or smoky qualities to their voices, like blues singers. Annie Lennox, Cher, Tracy Chapman are all examples of contraltos.

Do I write erotica? Well, I hadn’t considered what genera my writing was, but it sure does seem to be going that direction a bit…hahaha BDSM of any nature… It hadn’t occurred to us (until this wonderful book, written by Mike Watson crossed our path) that our lifestyle would fall into that category but I guess it might it a less traditional sense, We are both gender queer a bit. Daniel is a somewhat intimidating alpha male in public but at home he’s flamboyant and extremely eager to please and desperately wants to do EVERYTHING for me.

I am extremely dominant by nature, expecting even mental fidelity, I won’t accept a man even looking at other women or there will be discipline, so technically i suppose maybe that would fall into that category and we just hadn’t realized? I think and act male but have a passion for make up. I don’t identify as female but i love that my body is.

I guess maybe like a drag queen who was lucky enough to be put into the wrong body. I taught him to shave and swing an ax. I don’t know if there is a word for our relationship, that may be your area of expertise, please let us know if there is a word for this! haha I have heard it pronounced femdom, like kingdom or freedom or i have heard it pronounced like fem-dom. which would you prefer?


She even taught her man to SHAVE and chop wood – to – BE A MAN, BOY!

And that is SO APT, such a turn on!

EVERY true femdom lover knows that a dominant female that thinks, and ACTS like a man (think burping, farting, lying down on the bed with legs spread wide apart “press my legs, BITCH!” – or “service me, BOY!” like a KING) …. MY! What a turn on, it’s part of why calling her MASTER is such a turn on!

My response –

Hi Signe,

Thank you so much for that email -much appreciated! Yes, I figured Daniel was an alpha “in public”, but probably more the opposite with his wife at home – which is a good thing, eh? Having your cake and eating it too … hahahhaa … ?.

Now, thanks so much for the “high praise” on the book – it is MUCH appreciated! Our websites and have a lot more writing – check ’em out if interested! Hehe. And, YES – your lifestyle might not be “technically BDSM”, more “lifestyle oriented BDSM”, but it’s femdom alright, and done right! Haha (discipline etc – kudos! ;)) – is he INTO that as well? I suspect to a degree yes, or it would not work long term…) …

I used the word “contralto” to describe your husband’s voice, but yours – yes, you’re right – below the normal female range, and thats perfectly fine Madam – given all you’ve said, what I suggest is bring out the MALE in your voice even more – hehe – as you narrate these – dominant females who think like males are a HUGE turn on as you might have imagined! Haha… let me know, and I’ll send the offer over for the book – I look forward to seeing what you can do with it, and thank you for taking my feedback on board, by the way – it is MUCH appreciated!

I used to pronounce it as “fem-DOM” (as in “Dom”) – but more people seem to pronouce it as “fem-dum” – so either works – haha – take your pick Madam. 🙂

And thats that – let me know if I managed to answer your questions right, or “at all” – hehe.

Mike Watson

PS – What about YOU looking at other men? Hehehehehe … ?

And so it is, friend.

So it is!

Pick up the above books now – and given all thats going on, audiobooks may and likely will very soon be added to what is being sold DIRECTLY through here (ie you’ll have the audiobook option to choose along with digital download and the rest). More on that later! 🙂

For now, I’m out – back soon.



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