Paye Lagu, Susan Memsahib … JI!

As I sit here writing this, I’m thinking of her again

That regal, nigh on imperious OLDER LADY I love so much – or should I say love to worship so much!

I have NEVER had any sort of real sexual contact with her, and probably never ever will.

And I dont want it!

And this ties into older women, and the topic of age, and why I keep saying (despite shouts to the contrary and indeed, aggreived ones) that age, looks etc is NOT important in the grand scheme ofthings for anyone.

It’s the mind that counts.

Holds even more true for BDSM!

Now, people HOWL when they hear this. Especially the bozos that “Ma’am, please send me a photo” first up without trying to get to know her!

OR her mind!

And it’s no wonder that the vast majority of men out there cannot find the dominant lady of your dreams because they do it all wrong!

IF that is you, and even if it isn’t, A complete guide to understanding the dominant lady of your DREAM from the Chinese mainland is a very good read for YOU!

And YES – all real life stuff. Including whats at the end of the book.

But anyway, I’ve always found that older ladies are FAR more understanding in terms of fetish, and unique preferences.

Now this don’t mean younger girls aren’t.

The cuckolding takes on a whole new aspect there of course, and the humiliation.

“The age difference turns me on so much, BOY!”

Regal Madam Alexa who is LESS than half my age.

But really, older women have that LOOK in the eye!

They KNOW, boy! Even more so …

and I’ve found they are far more open to fetish of many natures, and far more DOMINATING as well in many regards (though young girls have their own way of doing it too).

Whatever. Hehe.

I dont much care.

Women are Goddesses, and Queens, and should and DESERVE to be put on pedestals and WORSHIPPED!


Mike Watson

PS – Paye Lagu, Susan Memsahib. Seems apt to end this this way!

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