The ONE tip I omitted (not by choice) that makes all the difference in terms of ASS WORSHIP!

Just like the tip of HIS dong, it makes all the difference, that little tip!

It does!

And I just chanced upon it as my lovely fat SO keeps moving about from side to side, SOLES smacking me in the face, and more often on the side and back of the head as I desperately press them, sissy looking for siss-approval!


I’d say sissy gender. Hehe.

The more I do it, the more she sneers at me. OH MY!

But that little bit, just like with foot massage – and dongs makes all the difference.

Before we get to that, though – an ode to his lovely dong, a dong that is so nice, a dong I’ve written about so much today – here. 

Please read and share, if not this sissy, Master dong deserves it, it is so nice!

Some of my odes to him, and more accurately his DONG –

It’s just so long and beautiful, the balls so pretty!?

Truly Sir, I Can’t get your penis out of my mind. I’m so sorry Master! But you’re too nice, your DONG, that penis is so LONG , so NICE, so…!

Master, REALLY SO SORRY! (really so sorry Master, you’re such a God for having such a beautiful DONG!)

So nice and LONG! The bottom of the penis head curves up but JUST that much which makes all the difference, i so wish I could have his penis not just in my holes, but computer wallpaper too! Truly so magnificent his dong!

I can’t retweet his dong enough, really! sissy maledom suchna superior real man!

SIR PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Better stop and go workout, or I’ll be sharing this ALL Day. But really, it’s so LONG AND NICE, and that lovely head is just “SO” PERFECTLY SHAPED! KISS! xoxoxox.

And now that we’re past his dong (not really, hehe – well get to ass now!) – (and not really, I’m sure I’ll be telling you about his magnificent penis more and more!) …

That tip on ass worship can be applied to feet, balls and DONG too.

And it is this – simply do it from all angles.

Thats right, that simple.

Yet, most people wont think of it!

Move him – or her around, as you do so, on his side, make sure the leg on top rests on YOU so he doesnt have to, as I see so often in porn etc hold his legs up here – ditto for her!

YOU HOLD his legs up with your neck and shoulders, truly submissive style, let him REST and be PAMPERED (and her!) 

With men, this gives you access to the bottom of the dong, and the SHAFT, the perennial regions, and areas of the balls in a completely different manner than normal, even more erotic!

For females, you’ll be hitting her vulva from MORE erotic zones, and her ass crack too, (and his!). 

And of course, the asshole worshipped vertically – that is DIFFERENT!

It’s one thing for your tongue to enter the rosebud straight, but when you do it diagonally, vertically, and all angles, and worship his/her otherwise (nipples too!) – while at it, you’ll truly understand the meaning of “speaking with a forked tongue”.


And you’ll be THEIRS forever!

OK, that is it for now.

BEtter go!



PS – Cuckold Compilation tells you what its like to be THEIRS – forever!

PS #2 – Ass worship 101 – pick it up – NOW!

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