Communication with Master, and more!

Lots of guys have this idea, yet another one I’ve DEBUNKED – all the time – most notably in our first product “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” that “Madam I’ll do anyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyything you want” is the way to femdom heaven.

it’s not either, my friend.

It’s not the way to “domme heaven” either.

Bottom line, no-one wants a brainless doormat – people want INTERESTING.

And part of being interesting is being ASSERTIVE – drawing a line in the sand about what you can and will expect, or accept, or won’t – and being clear about your wants, NEEDS, and desires!

A “doormat” relationship or a “topping from the bottom” relationship ultimately goes nowhere. I’ve been there, done that, both parties feel used and abused to a degree, and confused – terrible vibe – and that is NOT what fetish is about.

I was struck by the “truism”of this yet again as I requested changes from “Master Black” – a lovely lady actually, hehe – and she calls herself Master, I so LOVE that – w.r.t some of her productions on Audible for our projects – most notably – Profound Poses – Vol #2. 

The lady’s got a great dominant vibe, the lady’s hard working, the lady’s done a lot of work, for some reason it didnt all come together, so although I tried to”sugar coat” some of my feedback (she’s new to this I believe) – it came out a bit “strong” and I can see that in her response.

Yet, its important to tell her that – because 1) its all about the end customer experience, and 2) COMMUNICATION and honesty is key.

Let it be known that Mike Watson doesn’t want “perfect” in anything.

Life’s imperfectly perfect, so it should be, thus the odd Tai Po in my products which I will NOT correct despite people urging me to.

Thats just how it is, my friend.

Madam Amanda, whose voice I’ve gushed over so much – “velvet in an iron glove”, or “iron” in a velvet glove – or both – her voice – my!

That voice has truly taken me in hand – even when hoarse and exhausted!

But – she’s professional enough to cover it over, and it sounds like Madams so into the book that she got exhausted narrating it, which is a different vibe from being exhausted “in general”.

You’ll feel it when you listen to Owned by Madam Aa Ling – that voice is truly something else – “15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his LIFE! and have him salivating for MORE!” – and the first book mentioned above HAVE been narrated by her too – plenty more will be too!

She just HAS it.

Interestingly enough she pronounces AA Ling as “AA” ling, and not “Ah” ling, but that was my bad – hehe – I should have let her know! And, she does a great job of explaining it in the retail audio and in general … so, I’ve left it as is. That is a great listen – do pick it up when it hits the audio shelves!

Last but not least – look for a great review – yet another one – on that book coming soon.

And, she’ll also let you know what she learned (more) about Mike Watson that wasn’t explained in the manuals 0r brought out, as she says.

Manuals are how to’s, technically inclined. I’ll tell you how to put a finger in, or flick, etc etc – but my own experiences, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have so many of them and continue to … those are explained in the stories!

Man, that voice has truly taken me IN hand. I couldn’t argue even if I wanted to.

As for Master Black above, so has she, but I HAD to bring it up.

and therein, lies the difference and importance of communication.

Hope this helped someone today – communication is always KEY – pun intended and not!

Feelings and vibes are how we function, and that shows in communication of ANY sort too.

& that is that!



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