On calling Mistress “Master” and Master . . . MASTER!

This one might come across as somewhat strage, but for those of you into true femdom, maybe not!

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve called Ms. Priyanka “Malik” instead of “Malkin”!

Though this isn’t mentioned  per se in the book, it happened.

And it has happened with literally all the Chinese goddesses I’ve served at some point or the other.

“Thank you, Master”, Ill often say after being permitted to clean her house (and all those dirty dishes for Mistress Suvi, hehe).

“Thank you, Madam! I’m truly your bitch”!

To me, calling her Master is a natural follow on from Mistress, just as calling me a bitch is as natural as the sun rising in the East my friend.

And why?

Well because, men are “Supposed” to be superior to women, right?

As a former boss of mine (back in the day where I worked for a company) said “women normally work support roles, while men do the main things!”

And while he might have been right from a certain standpoint, the fact is that she’s not a support actor.

She’s a Goddess . . . and it’s your job as a cuck, sissy and footboy to support her, and ensure she has her cake and EAT IT TOO, boy!

And as woman (given women traditionally serve men) being served by men all day long, what could be sexier and more natural to be called Master?

Especially if a sissy does it?

And as for him, no way.

If he’s her stud, its for a reason.

He’s a manly REAL MAN.

With a REAL COCK, that can go for hours. A strong MALE body. Preferably hairy if she likes that, as Madam Venus did!

And a deep contralto voice, as Master Jerome had . . . (Garima Madam’s bitch).

And much more.

He’s truly a male God, meant to be worshipped, and he’s your Master and ruler, with HIS cock being the focal point of your pleasure, an organ that you need to get to know better the intricacies of better than your own FACE boy!

The long slender undulating shaft. The slight “kink” to the cut head. The way it curves upwards. The way he LOVES his balls licked, just the right way . . .

The way the cock LOOKs. Everything about it! The way it springs out from his underwear, ready to be worshipped . . . that moment when the cock bursts out is truly one of the most exciting!

And the same thing for her feet, as Madam Susan so adroitly told me all those years ago.

I’ve written about that in damn near every email and post, so won’t get into it again, but here is the gist of what she said –

“Talk to her SOLES, boy! Get to KNOW them better than your own self!”

And its true, my friend. The hours spent on my knees talking to her soles – his – and his cock – and her ass . . . have been all truly worth it, and to end this?

Thank you, Master – and Mistress!


Mike Watson

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