“Cook is your job too, Boy!” …Yes, Ma’am! clean and suck too, but INSPIRE TOO!

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“Cook is your job too, Boy!” …Yes, Ma’am! clean and suck too, but INSPIRE TOO!

Spicy Erotic

Thank you, Madam Su!

This wasn’t the Su I write about in Sophia Bai.

This was an even more dominant cuckoldress I write about in … well, no book on her as yet, but I’ve emailed about MAdam often.

“Are you going to buy me a diamond ring, BOY!” 

So dominant , so regal, right down to?

Making me a SISSY for her kids – to babysit her kids, teach them English for free while she climbs and hikes with her stud – on the mountain where I met her – and probably his lovely cock too!

And I’m cooking, cleaning, the perfect Sissy, and leaking away!

And spurting in my blue panties!

But anyway, thats what she told me about cleaning.

I said cleaning was my job!

 “Cook is your job too, boy!”

but as I think about it?

As I told Madam Huang recently, “Thanking you is my job too Madam! Isnt it?”

Thank her for abusing you, boy! For taking your money! Kiss her feet, her ass, beg to serve her! Be base, debase, humiliate yourself, thank her for it!

Thank HIM for his stud cock (a Master who I recently leaked to – along with my current Korean long cocked stud – I keep thanking them mentally and on Twitter all day!)

And all night too in my dreams, hehe.

What studs they are!

And in that vein?

It’s also my job to inspire YOU!

To be the best sissy ever.

Best cocksucking faggot ever – for her – and him!

Best FEMDOM lover ever – a true femdom lover!

And a best man for her – one of her best many men!

If there is one reason I do this, and everything else I do?

To inspire, uplift, and motivate – even the femdom way!

Which is another reason I love to tweet, retweet etc. If some lovely Goddesses or studs with long lovely cocks get something from it – Paye Lagu Madam Ji – and Sir!

I’m most happy to serve – and inspire you to do the same!

Selfless service, except I love it? Hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – In that vein, read some of my Chinese femdom books that will inspire you like never before to … SERVE! And accept the REAL YOU!

Once you do – you’ll be very happy. Trust me!

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