The book that will blow your mind away (and probably your pants too). Pun Very much intended! Heh.

Just got in another great, great review for Meeting Ms Chen at Goodreads – a book that is REALLY climbing the charts as we speak, my friend!

And its so spot on, so apt, pun so very much intended!

Are you into foot fetish?
Did you ever dream about being put into chastity by a beautiful lady? What about being penetrated by that same woman?
Or maybe humiliated while you serve and worship a group of gorgeous mistresses?
If your answer to one or any of this question is “yes”, then you should definitely read “Meeting Ms. Chen”

No matter if you are just giving your first steps into the wonderful and captivating world of femdom or if you are already a kinkster, you will find “Meeting Ms. Chen” to be a book that will blow your mind away (and probably your pants too). You will be taken into a journey which mixes pain, pleasure, worshipping, humiliation, lots of sucking and more!

Apart from being a writer, Mike Watson is a BDSM (especially Femdom) connoisseur and you will actually feel his experience running throughout the whole story.

Get ready to experience life as a submissive servant!

  • Chertezhniko Chzn

He is right – so right, starting from the BOTTOM – pun intended, thats what people say about everything I write, do, say, etc – VIBES AND FEELING!

Magnified x 1999!

My friend I dont know why the numbers “came out” that way, but I’m sure they did for a reason, but thats the point, all my books if you check out the reviews, read ’em and so forth will make you EXPERIENCE the real thing yourself.

People often claim the buzz they get from watching repeated youtube videos etc is “akin to the real thing” (such as visiting foreign lands which in real life they’d never have the chance to do). (so they think).

No, its not either.

You get a dopamine buzz, then youre back to being more depressed – then it’s back to more dumbphone addiction and destroying that beautiful marvellous wondrous BRAIN you were given!

My friend, the other way that works is this – you imagine these things in your own mind – either without watching videos, or after that.

And then you write about it, fantasize deeply about it – if you do all this right, youll experience the REAL thing – repeatedly – and thats far better than anything else you could ever experience.

My books have been written – and then the events OCCUR in real life. (remember Basic Instinct? Hehe)

Or, they occur first and I write about it later.

Either way, theyre REAL. Reality mixed in with a dab of creative license, and NEVER AND NOT the other way around which most people employ!

And it makes YOU feel it too.

And what do you feel, well – what is written in the rest of the review.

This book, along with “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” is a precious GEM my friend – amongst the rest we offer.

And it keeps geting rave reviews much like the book above and all the rest of our books, but if there were two books I’d urge you to get NOW, that every TRUE femdom lover MUST have on their bookshelves, it is these!

Get ’em NOW, my friend.

And thats that.

Back soon –


Mike Watson

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