Perfect Madam Cynthia – you’re so nice!

Thank you!

She’s the narrator for Serving Ann, and did an absolutely superlative job on the book, she was open to feedback, she did a fantastic job in terms of creativity for the retail audio sample – you guys will love it, be on “tenterhooks” as it were for this book, it’s worth it in SPADES – pun intended, hehe.

Interestingly enough, Madam made, as she puts it, a “confession” to “Father” Mike last night. Hehe. And that confession was very interesting, and much like Ann – she loves posting her foot pictures, and attention being paid to her feet – and likely SOLES too – giant ones at that!


And since she’s adopted the name Madam Cynthia for herself, of course, I had to write back and ask her if Perfect Madam Cynthia was OK. Heheh. 😉

Our interaction has been professional for the most part, she’s done a SUPER job despite “the sex ship having sailed for her” as she says, hehe – which instantly intrigued me, I LOVE these older ladies as everyone knows!

They’re just so nice, so PRACTICAL, so dominating, and easy to talk to. Hehe.

15 Odes to older ladies could have been written just for her. She could have been the lady in the park who sparked it all – despite me feeling “no lust” for the lady but submissive ADORATION!

Anyway …

She sent me a couple of foot pics I wont post here, but this lady is ravishing, and she’s got the vibe going on FULL on, so if you guys (serious inquries only please, no time wasters or freebie seekers “Maa’m can you dominate me” – no she cant either) are interested, contact me and I’ll put you in touch with her.

Our plans for getting a fetlife like social networking module on the site are going on in full swing as it were, just not “ready” as yet – when it is, you guys will be able to message each other directly after logging in to your accounts, and have a lot more functionality than you do now.

Until then, “thats how its going to have to be!”

And that frission of LUST I’ve been feeling since this morning, the dreams of pressing LEGS – and a giant hard on despite “a few too many” last night -all of it points – pun intended – to something very interesting!

Watch this space for more.

Pick up the books above!

Check Audible out.

And – let me know if you’re interested in contacting perfect Madam Cynthia, and I’ll “hook you up”!

Paye Lagu, Madam. She’s so nice. I haven’t even seen her soles as yet, and yet!


Mike Watson

PS – As I told her, the last time I saw a pair of giantess soles, I went GA GA – lady ga ga as it were, and that has been well documented here. (and links therein).

And of course, her boyfriend’s COCK was …LOVELY! Muah! Madam thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS #2 – Madam wears blue nailpolish, nail “paint” as they call it in India. Summer time, BRIGHT colors, and is it any coincidence (I dont believe in those!) Bhagwati wears dark blue, and the other ladies I keep seeing – light blue?

Cynthia’s was SKY BLUE. Hehe.

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