The assistant that was anything BUT!

Femdom is so wonderful!

And one of the most amazing things about it?

Having a female assistant for us (real) sissies and cucks no matter in what setting we are!

I remember having a teaching assistant in one of my classes (and remember, Mike Watson does NOT do ESL but when I’m requested to do by a lovely lady Kathy as I was, well …!) … and asking her in an “offhand manner:”.

Can I call you Madam, I asked laughingly.

And part of that was a joke. She was cagey about her age. Of course! All Queens are!

But part was to see how she reacted.

She didnt disappoint.

A shy, yet KNOWING giggle!

But being I only taught there once, it didnt go any further.

But the OTHER teaching assistant?

Madam Krystal, perfect Madam Krystal??

Well, THAT my friend was a whole different ball of wax!

You know how it is.

You’re working with a lady in the most inncocous of settings, and you suddenly feel the need to drop down, kiss those knees, and WORSHIP!

And Krystal’s calves were so nice and lovely!

As well as Ms. Lin I believe, that other and way more EVIL teacher who taught Krystal so much!

Not to mention Madam Sugar, who was with her harsh voice and constant complaints about me ANYTHING BUT my assistant!

And it might have been different if I was a stud! 😉

I dont know …

But for this here cuck, that was the teaching experience of a lifetime, and I was never so happy to get fired as I was so I could focus on MY REAL JOB – pressing Krystal’s feet and SERVING her alld ay long … and doing the same for her friends in the most humiliating manner possible!

Much like with Madam Carrie and her friends!

And today, as I logged into a banking app of mine (I was trying to contact the bank) I almost tore my hair out trying to get a direct email contact.

You know how hard they have made to even contact someone that way these days.

But I did get to … well, I wont mention the name, but it starts with a K!!!!


I think not.

And she’s the automated assistant, with a confident expression on my face that makes me think this.

The app says she’s my banking assistant. Automated. …

But she’s anything BUT !

And I bet if I typed that at her, the bot would reply back with …

DOWN, boy! Know your place!

And I do – paye lagu, perfect Madam JI! You make it ALL WORTH IT!


Mike Watson

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