Why I LOVE worshipping women that aren’t conventionally attractive.

If I had a choice between worshipping a woman that is attractive, and considered sexy by the mainstream, and one that wasn’t, which would I choose?

Which would you choose?

And why?

Your answer probably wouldn’t surprise me, but mine will. And the reason more so!

While they’re both Goddesses, and both deserve worship, I’d choose the LATTER. Any day of the week!

No disrespect to the attractive lady, of course.

But women are too often judged upon looks, age, and body type and true femdom means NONE Of that is important, or even matters, and if you’re into true femdom, you KNOW what I mean, BOY!

And it’s so sexy to worship a lady that others consider ugly (Madam Ann for one said others told her that!).

It’s so sexy to worship a pair of feet that aren’t conventionally attractive (the regal Sophia Bai!).

And overall, its far more attractive to me to worship those ladies, simply because there is less demand.

And if anything they’ve always dominated me better.

Why, I’ve often wondered.

Maybe because subconsciously they’re tired of being ignored as being “not too good looking”. Or not slim. Or not any of the B.S. men normally want from women, while NOT satisfying said requirements themselves!

And I don’t know if it’s just me, but these women seem to be angrier at men than the norm, and they of course, take it out on me! ?

And dominate me well, and are happy to do it.

And withhold sex.

And racially humiliate me.

And guess what . . . I love every bit of it!

It’s never about Madam’s age, looks or height, or even race. It’s her mind that counts, and that is what is important!

And to me, it’s ALWAYS been about the conversation. Her MIND is ALWAYS what has been the most important, and what will BE.

And so it should be for you too, my friend; if you’re a TRUE femdom lover!!


Mike Watson

P.S. – The MIND is indeed what controls everything, my friend. And the reason a lot of guys are unable to attract TRUE femdom to themselves is their THINKING. Thought truly does create, and like truly DOES attract like. Learn how to think the right way by following te practices and tips laid out in my book on it right HERE – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/for-true-male-subs/

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