Why a sissy should always be a good lady but never a lady “bug”

Like Madam Princess Sophia once told me …

“I want you to be there when I need you, otherwise SCRAM!”

And a picture of her dirty soles along with it “you like?”


She’s so NICE!

And she was watching Deep Water, a movie on being cuckolded I introduced to her, although the lead actors action “scared” her – I doubt she was scared.

As she told me, “I know you like it!”.


But anyway on Twitter I keep seeing two things these days, strong Indian women – literally – so muscular, showing themselves off, SO NICE, I so want to rub them, MASSAGE THOSE TIRE DMUSCLES so they can work out MORE!

And I keep simping, but one of these ladies wrote something about (in response to a typically male chauvinist post) “I fear for the future of the country with men like this”

He wrote something about “fake feminism” (what is that??) – and demanding equal pay, leave when on periods etc, yet wanting equal rights…

Well, I dont know my friend.

Women can’t control their periods – so while I dont think sissies or women, both are suited to certain jobs – such as elite military, the same applies to men – men aren’t exactly suited to rearing kids (though many men make GREAT dads, don’t get me wrong, but they can’t breastfeed! Hehe).

I’d say equal rights, equal responsibilities in “real life” – but he of course went on about how she should be in the kitchen cooking, barefoot.

I was going to respond. But I did not, horrible vibes, ugh!

Now for a sissy – that would be so apt!

Doing all the womanly things, yet, a cardinal sin many sissies make?

PESTERING women to keep “talking to them”.

Ie keep them turned on!

And thats a cardinal sin, my friend.

Play that conversation out in your mind all you like, do so with feeling. Chances are it will play out naturally in real life, but the reverse occurs if you chase it and “bug” women (Schofield comes to mind) in real life, they’ll give you the ROYAL ALMIGHTY BOOT, literally!

Try it, you’ll see. Glyn did – many idiots of his ilk do too.

I should know – we women know! ??

Being a sissy entitles being a soulmate, being there for HER, not you – and never wanting anything in return, simple as that except perhaps the privilege of cleaning her dirty soles so she looks pretty for her boyfriend! (and other associated TASKS, boy!).

Cuckold Compilations was written and more importantly EXPERIENCED in JUST THAT VEIN!

Anyway – ladybug or “marquitas” was what Sissy Confessions‘s subtitle translates into (part of it) in Spanish!

And I thought was so apt!

Be lady like, do the tasks for her man a lady doesnt always want to do, like slob COCK well! (nothing expected in return except his pleasure and hot blases of LOAD – CUM!) …

… but dont bug her, boy!

Buzz off!

And thats that.



Edit – after writing this post, something was off. She meant scram, but she didnt use those words, and I wanted to … ah, got it. THIS is what she said!

Just shut up! And BOUNCE! 


With these feet –

OH – MY!!!!!!

More here –“Just shut up!” “And BOUNCE!!!” – oh, MY, Sophia Ma’am is SO MANLY! I so LOVE HER! – Spicy and Erotic Fetish

The only other soles that were even more of a turn on – these! –


Paye Lagu, Radha Ma’am, you’re truly a GODDESS AND QUEEN from HEVEN ON EARTH, and you know it! OH MY! Those heels, such an HONOR TO CLEAN FOR HER!

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