She farted straight in my face

If true femdom appeals to you, then what I’m about to tell you NOW – truly will!

A long, long time ago, Ms Priyanka had a large pizza for dinner … an extra large pizza that I paid for, with all the toppings.

As yours truly was made to lose weight at that point (I wasn’t exactly fat, but I wasn’t trim and in shape either … Madam needed her slave to be in SHAPE!) … I got – – you guessed it, the crusts, and being she was in a feisty mood, the crusts were thrown to me as I crouched in the Asian squat position (a real killer if you’re used to Western style toilets if you get my drift!!) … an exercise in itself, as it were.

Anyway, that’s not the least of her feistiness by far, as you’ve read in the Indian Goddess series.

And as the Sequels to this (still, for a reason, as I’ve said before!) MOST popular book of mine show … the above could barely be classified as feisty, hehe, given what went down next.

But anyway, she had a solid meal, and she was rested.

You know, right? The feeling you get after a huge meal on an empty stomach.

A dark day … or night … or afternoon with clouds outside, perhaps rain imminent. Or perhaps a hot, hot night with the A/C on full blast inside …

Whatever it is, you know the feeling …. You want to do nothing but SLEEP, much like a tiger after a meal does.

Digest the meal, except if you’re Ms. Priyanka, you obviously had your servant lick your ass for giggles before you slept, hehe.

Of course, ass worship is something I’ve gotten so used to since then that it would be wrong to it was only her that had it done, hehe.

I can probably smell feet … and musty asses (both male and female, hehe) on my tongue right now (if that doesn’t make sense, smell via tongue, I understand, but ‘tis what it is, my friend!) as I am typing this – in fact, I CAN taste them too.

And Ms. would often make me do this ,and the first time I did it in the morning (as you toilet slaves will read about in the Sequels) … she farted. Right in my face, hehe.

And as I tried desperately to control myself and keep my tongue in (for those not in the know Madam was  a tad constipated, and my oral ministrations in the morning not only felt GOOD – but also helped her GO afterwards), Ms. laughed – half contemptuously, and half lovingly, if that makes sense.

Lots of “if that makes sense” huh?

Again, ‘tis what it is, and true femdom can be as loving, if not MORE than a regular relationship, my friend.

You really get to know the other person and (what matters) his/her MIND inside out … better than the person themselves in some cases, and that ain’t an exaggeration whatsoever!

And as she farted in my face and I slowly got used to it, I was reminded of my true place all the time, my friend.

Less than the dirt beneath my feet and less than the toilet paper I used to wipe her ass every morning, and thank her for it.

A thing to be used and abused for her pleasure – and most importantly, that my pleasure lay in just that – offering myself as a sacrificial lamb (in more ways than one!) to HER!

At the end of the Sequel, a SHOCKING thing was going to happen.

I ended the series there, but I might just pick it up again in an epilogue if there is enough interest, hehe. Let me know, and will do!

In the meantime, onto the “CURRENT” … and my $6880 product, or was that $6,880.00, hehe.

Or was it $68.88?

Hehe … true femdom is indeed priceless, my friend, and on that note, I’ll leave you be – for now!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Here is where you can pick up a copy of the Indian Goddess series …

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