Why it’s SO apt that Sissy Central is one of our bestsellers, even in PAPERBACK format!

I wrote before about how a LOT of you love our books, not just digitally, but in paperback and hardcover format too!

And it makes me so happy, it truly does!

I mean, it’s one thing to “be you” and come out.

Its quite another to display your sissydom – and cuckdom too (Cuck Central is another huge favorite in that area) – proudly on the mantelpiece, for all and sundry to see, even in vanilla situations!

This is why I created the site, this is why I do what I do on this business, to increase the influence of femdom everywhere – globally!

Women are so nice!

They should relax, thats it …

And enjoy their lives with many sexy men!

No prizes for guessing who funds them. Hehe.

But anyway, bringing out the inner simp in me … Madam Gaby, or ladies in general actually (but some just HAVE it if you get my drift, hehe?) – just BRING it out so well!

She posted something to this regard the other day.

When you had to google “cleaning stuff” because you forgot the term “cleaning supplies”


It should not be Madam’s job to remember all that! Hehe.

I still remember a lovely Carol once buying me a bottle of cleaner so she could give it to the lady who cleaned my house at that time, but I asked her how to do it too.

She told me.

“I know how to do all, but I don’t do!”

So nice, hehe. (the lady was HER cleaning lady, hehe).

Anyway – me?

Does Madam clean ? Guess so, so sad to hear that! hehe… 


I was really, and honestly too sad to hear that!

You KNOW that!

“At the moment yes. Sadly!”

Anyway, that prompted this from me (three tweets!)

Fingers shaking while I sent them too!

Ma’am, I am honestly so sorry to hear that. Cleaning is not Madams job – as she knows. Your job is to put your feet up, point and command…


Why the sudden change, Perfect Madam Gaby? Maid on holiday?


And this …

I’d gladly volunteer, and say thank you too, hehe. You’re too nice, Gaby. . .


And this …

You are so talented, Gaby. You bring out the simp/femboy in me so naturally, so expertly …??

Please dont clean too much ..


And she is, she does!

Her –

Not clean too much? Yeah, I can do that. ?

And that makes it all so worth it!

Along with what I wrote about her before – she’s a lady that truly GETS IT!

And of course, as she wrote about my simping and serving for Chinese sex workers, Indian maids, ladies in general, and especially enjoyings serving DOWNTRODDEN LADIES!

You’re on the right path!

She might as well have said “boy” too! Hehe.

Madam, I beg you NOT to clean – AT ALL. Its not and never your job, you know that too, I’m sure. Hehe. Humble request, I hope you can accede…


But, please relax and make as much of a mess as you like.. HEhe.


So, so, SO NICE!

And perhaps this explains why it’s apt that Sissy Central is and always HAS been one of our hot favorites.


Grab this NOW.


Mike Watson

PS – If I had to recommend some sissy reading along these lines to Gaby (Madam Gaby, hehe) – with lots of cleaning, maid service etc?

Well, this book – Mai, my lovely Indian Maid.

NO, I HATE IT! Washing and cleaning is not my job. It’s YOURS!”

This one would be tops!

But ALL of my Chinese femdom books would be too, including “Meeting Ms Chen” – “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” (she would absolutely love that one!) – and … I dont know, maybe the Sophia Bai series too!

And of course, it’s a huge part of all of our Indian femdom books!

Madam would love them all.

So do YOU – judging by feedback, hehe.

Keep getting them paperbacks, my friend.

Keep DISPLAYING it proudly, that sissydom.

It’s so NICE, so worth it!

Thank you, Madam … JI!

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