My new Vietnamese cuckoldress?

Over the past day, or half a day I’ve been having a most wonderful conversation on Twitter – much like on wechat – like I’ve written about.

With whom?

Well, long story – and a long dick, many involved!

I was responding to a lovely findomina from the UK, I believe, and some guy sent a massive pointed DICK pic in response!

That dick was so thick, the HEAD so pointed nicely like a hill, I wrote about it, and the simp in me came out instantly like it did for Master Wang, though I’ll always love Master Wang’s tubular penis a lot more I think. But this guy was so sexy, slim and sexy, I so wanted to suck his nipples and PLEASURE HIM!

Anyway …

A lady responded by likin my comments on his dick.

And I checked her out, and she’s a lovely Vietnamese lady into white dick – which is what turns her on the most.

Now, I’m NOT even going to get into yellow fever, money, racial preferences, and all that jazz that this sort of thing brings up (no pun) naturally when you’re talking “asian ladies and white guys”.

Thats a different ball of wax, I’ve spoken about it enough in my books, but for now, lets stick to her preferences.

I’ve NEVER – and I mean NEVER (well, other than Madam Su!) – met someone SO open about her love for cock, she truly, like Carol – loves sucking dick – more than anything else!

And, being TAKEN …

And she finds what I tell her about dick so HOT!

As most men do, of course. Hehe. That is why I keep having men with massive dicks messaging me saying you’re getting me hard at work!

I’d suck you off in the men’s room too honey. Muah!

But anyway, sucking dick, making her money – we discusesed that with a certain Pearl … Heheh.

Back to this lovely lady whose name I dont know for now?

Well, she was kind of curious about my love for her SOLES – her FEET!

She’s both dominant and submissive, and a true virgin, not into it for marketing or selling anything, but just doing what she loves, which is why I messaged her in the first place.

And another reason I bring it up, well, this.

She’s got SO many people messaging her.

you wouldn’t even expect a response – as she says, she hardly messages anyone, and only those who follow her, and I dont, and she’s only ONE girl, and even I tell her to “not spread herself too thin” – no pun.

‘Tis true my friend.

You only have so much good energy to go around, lots of moochers, leechers, Bozo schofield’s out there wanting it all for free…

“Get my attention first!” she said coyly.

And THAT is where most men mess up.

Anyone can have a long massive dick.

But like a certain Lucy kept telling me, though I kept asking her to go out with those men …

“You’re better than them!”


Its always about the mind, the MENTAL Connection FIRST my friend.

Everything else later.

And that, my friend, is a lesson most men never ever learn.

And therefore, they unfortunately do not get the results I do … out of the BLUE, hehe. Pun intended, as this lady is quite into smashing my balls too!

They’re useless anyway, as I told her, with all the simping I do to real man COCK!

Anyway …

Lovely lady.

We’ll see how that goes.

But to bring THESE sort of results into YOUR life on a daily basis, you know what you’ve gotta do my friend.

DO it.



Mike Watson (PS – And those of you that keep putting off that purchase, constantly coming back to cart etc – well, life’s short, you only live once. Get your products NOW, my friend. If you’re on this list, never have any intention of buying anythng – well, do us both a favor and unsubscribe. And if you need help, yours truly and our whole team is always here for you!).

We look forward to serving YOU!

PS #2 – Another reason I was bringing it up?

This lady had to go chat with another man with a massive dick in the middle of our chatting, and she told me that so nicely!

And, for a tad bit I wondered if I should feel jealous?

About her liking WHITE cock the most, and being the MOST attracted to that?

I even TRIED feeling jealous.

I couldn’t.

And therein, my friend, lies a very very important lesson for most men.

Like I say in Cuck Central, if you’re “hating it deep down inside” – then it will never work.

You must have HIGH self esteem to be dominated and brutally cuckolded and humiliated like you DESERVE.

You must make sure SHE is into it first.

And a lot more that MOST if not all men miss… and jealousy, man, with men … ugh!

Anyway. More of these tips in Cuck Central – which you must get now as well if you’re into cuckolding.

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