I saw an Indian Goddess last night. And I wanted to drop down and kiss her sweaty tennis shoes!

Oh boy!

The words, and the typos (most likely) say it all!

Just thinking of Madam sends shivers of lust down my entire body, and spine. And I didn’t even see her face properly!

Last night I was out there in the park doing some pull-ups.

An exercise I love doing, and an exercise I often do these days at night (for a reason).

This isn’t about exercise though. This is about when I was about to go home, hot and sweaty (and believe me, the mosqitoes buzzing around did NOT make it any easier!) . . . oh boy, I can barely type again as I think of her!

Of Madam!

Of Royal Madam!

Of Perfect madam!

I’ve written before about seeing Indian Goddesses in the park (and you’ll find some tales on that on the blog if you do a search), and this time was no different in that the mere SIGHT of Madam struck me like a wet sock on the head, and hours later, I’m STILL in awe of her.

She was wearing shorts.

Those lovely tanned legs, and “meatier” legs (as opposed to Chinese girls that are generally slimmer) . . .

And that voluptuous ass WITHOUT it being fat, straining out of her shorts, and SCREAMING to kissed, and worshipped, especially the treasure between her ass cheeks!

That SPOT, all sweaty and DIRTY, ripe indeed for a slave to worship as Madam deserves!

And of course, the look she gave me out of the corner of her eye.

Different from the direct knowing look most Chinese girls give me, but this was just as knowing, but indirect!

Indian girls do it a bit differently from the Chinese ladies, but they do it nonetheless, oh yes they do!

And all night long last night I was thinking about pressing her legs, taking her shoes off and washing her feet,

And, as I wrote about a few days ago, staring at the bottom of those soles as she slept.

Listening to her laugh at me in that so “typically” Indian manner!

That accent, that LOOK in the eye, that way she says “You know . . . . .

That lovely Indian GODDESS I saw in the park, and she deserves to be worshipped. I hope I’ll see her again.

On that note, I think she was part of a “trinity” of Goddesses in shorts I once saw at the same park. Probably all Indian too, a mom and her two daughters (adult) and the mom was NOT shy about showing her legs off either.

And she shouldn’t, BOY!

Drop down now – I’ll write about that later, but it’s the same as what I’m mentioning here. You get the drift!!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Go HERE to check out some SCINTILLATING tales of Indian femdom.

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