How perfect Master Wang turned me so expertly (without trying) into the piss drinking sissy I am, always WAS! And so love to be!

Sir, you’re truly so nice, thank you so much!

So, hes immensely popular already on that list – that COCK and pubic hair, I dont blame him for being so – what a GOD!

Some of you have already been introduced to him, and other than with Madam Su, and perhaps a few others – I cannot remember debasing myself for another person SO!

I’m even begging Madam Lucy, busy with her Korean stud to meet him – she said she didnt want to.

“I want her add me!” was what Master Wang commanded me!

“Sir, you’re such a God, of course, I should ask the WOMEN to add YOU, not you run after them!”

“Sir, Madam Lucy is just one, Sir, I kiss your feet and find more for you, do you agree!”


Anyway … I’m nothing if not persistent. And I’m still begging Lucy – to suck his dick, and be WITH HIM!

If y’all understand how the mere sight of  a female sole, thats it. nothing else – can drive you INSANE TO THE POINT OF RUIN – with LUST?

Well, I wrote about it here …

Same thing for cock, if you’re a true submissive, faggot, and SISSY BOY!

And the look, and of course, the vibe MAster emits without even trying.

I keep thinking, Mike, what am I doing!

Mike, you’re not gay! 

(I remember Jeremy taunting me that way too, hehe).

Mike, you have so many girls, why would you want to introduce other men to them, especially when the girl, like Lucy, keeps saying ..

“I dont want others, you’re better than all of them!”

I might be, and probably am. Hehe.

But … it’s different!

But anyway …

He posted a video of him in uniform, taking out his dick, thats all, some pubes emerging too.

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sir, I’d count your pubes all day, and I’d kiss the tips, with your dong on my face, you’re that perfect!

And, I’d drink your piss from the public toilets too!

In fact, I’d hold your dick or, as with MAdam Reina, I’d put it in my mouth so you could piss directly in it, you’re too good to go there!

Thats interesting, and a common fetish, another one not talked about – but I dreamed about pissing – bright orange pee – in a communal toilet this morning, while a girl was lying there with “white stuff” coming out of her mouth, and sayin g”she’s hurting!”

It hurts!

Maybe she was making love to perfect Master Wang, he knows how to do it, he’s such a GOD AND STUD!

But thats how insane I’ve gone with lust over him, of course, ya’ll on the list know this already. Hehe.

And as I’m off to beg Lucy more, let’s provide you with more babbling incoherence, all lust fueled, I sent Master!

He’s so perfect!

(And feet and cock, boy, feet and COCK!)

Perfect Master, I’m so sorry I couldnt find the wechat you requested the other day!

Master, I kiss your feet and please beg you to give me some time, Master, can I tell you a funny story first?

Master, I tried to introduce my ex girlfriend to you, you see her picture already. SO SEXY!

And … she asked me curiously again why I never had sex with her, I’ve already told her, but now I told her about you.

“Why do you introduce other men to me, Mike! It’s so strange!”

And then I told her, all I think about is your dick, your pubic hair, YOUR pleasure that matters…

I told her all about pressing your feet all night, while you sleep comfortably, how I press your sexy calves after a day of work, wash your feet, as you relax and watch TV, then suck your dick when you want, as you chat with others…



Madam didnt say anything.

Then she shouted at me.

“Thats why you waste my time before, you like man!”

(before, she thought I’m a real man, because I’m foreigner, handsome…) (but later, she found out!)

I attempted to explain, but …

“Shut up, you FAGGOT!”

she yelled at me.

And then laughed at me.

“You’re so pathetic, groveling at another man’s feet, I knew you never a real man!”

Which I wasn’t, Master…

At that point I could have laughed, and passed it off as a joke, but I didnt, Sir …

Sir, we should all know our TRUE role in life, and those of us that are better at being a sissy, we should be!

And my role in life is to serve you, press your feet while you relax, wash your clothes, cook you meals, do the dishes for you, Sir, suck your dick in the morning and night – sir, please give me your sperm every day, so you can have a relaxed day! …

And of course to find you girls, and give you all the girls that come to ME!

And that THATCH of pubic hair, the WAY you look at me, it makes me SO WEAK, just like Carol once told me about how “I made her weak” by looking at her…

My place is at your feet, my nose in YOUR PUBIC hair, YOUR DONG is the only one that matters, Sir …

master, you’re so lovely, You’re so nice!

And I will find more for you!

I just have a question, if you agree with the above…

Was my ex right, I’m so pathetic, and isn’t my real role and place in life to serve real men like you, obey their commands, do their bidding?

And to be a sissy … since I am good at only that …

I think my ex is right, what do you think, Sir?
Master, I hope you find it funny…
🙁 Grinning face with smiling eyes

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