Perfect Mistress Lucy, and why I LOVE waking up to these messages!

It isn’t necessarily sexually themed messages either!

For some odd reason, I didnt login to my Wechat account for a couple of days. I dont know why – business got the better of me, perhaps, or perhaps Twitter has been too exciting.

And it is!

So many gorgeous ladies there to retweet.

Madam – to YOU – if I can help you (i.e.  my retweets) get some business or what not?

I am not just happy, I am HONORED. Thats how it should be!

And it should be that way for all men, but it isn’t for far too many unfortunately (like Bozo Schofield my fitness friend keeps referring to).

Anyway, I hadn’t chatted with Lucy in a while – about anything – or done anythign!

I figured she forgot me. So many men to talk to, after all for her!

But two days ago (I just logged in), she sent me a message.


“How are you!”

I replied today.

“Princess, you still remember me? I thought you forgot!” 

She didnt quite reply like Sophia did i.e. “No, you fool! How could I forget YOU!”

But she basically said the same thing, hehe.

Screenshots etc all on Twitter, but the point of this is …

Well, first, and I believe I mentioned this in a way in Sissy Central – rule number ONE!

Or two. One of them!

“You’re my sister! How could I forget you!” 


We’re two girls together!

And thats how it should be, even if you’re not a sissy. Hehe.

Be her friend first, and as I wrote on Twitter, do what SHE Wants, and chances are SHE will give you everything you want without even asking yourself!

Introduce men to her if she wants!

Dont be jealous!

Most of all, offer to PAY!

And don’t keep pestering her about femdom right off the bat – another cardinal rule men say they “know”, but gleefully and always ignore – it’s mentioned in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China“, and its a very salient rule!

Anyway … what did she say next?

“I dont have sexy boyfriend! I have sexy friends … like YOU!”

She said “want”, I believe.

My reply –

“Madam, but those men are sexier!” 

Her reply was emphatic.

“No! You’re better than them! I didnt talk like that with them either!”

And that, my friend, is the CRUX of it all.

Not just conversation rules the nation. It’s far, far more than this, and if you cannot understand – well, femdom isn’t for you – right now.

Pick up the course first, apply (I’ve been doing it naturally ever since I was a kid) and THEN maybe it’s for YOU!

It’s about something else – no, not just “not being a doormat” – thats one thing, but it’s about something else altogether. And the experiences mentioned at the end of the book will explain it better than I Ever could here.

Anyway, I’m so happy!

Sophia’s been on my mind too for the past couple of days, and on Tuesday again – a certain Sophie messaged me!

“Michael, are you still in … “

Then she giggled.

“Sorry, we didnt chat for a long time!” 

And she left it at THAT!

That was a typical teaser message.

Remember, that was the lady who asked if I’d pay when I lavished praise on her up and down and asked her to get foot massages daily!

“u pay, boy!” 

It wasn’t even a question, the way she asked it. Like Angee!

These ladies are all so awesome!

I love ’em!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji! You’re the best!


Mike Watson

PS – Tales of Chinese femdom here – all true, sizzling true!

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