Lola came … BUCKETLOADS – last night!

Man, that orgasm was never ending! I was outside yesterday, and all I saw around me? Indian girls, and FEET – those lovely FEET – those sexy accents, those lovely FINGERNAILS which I kept imagining on my nipples …

… and combined with the cock discussions going on with all the girls about “big white cock” and the lovely Vietnamese and other ladies on it one of them keeps calling me a “pathetic slave” and “complete loser” and “big WHITE cock only, BOY!” – shes from the Philippines, hehe) (“dont disturb me LOSER!”) that I’ve been talking to, one of whom loves our back and forth conversations about COCK, worshipping her lovely soles, worshipping Madam Candice’s man, other cocks, and everything under the sun apparently – well, it was all too much.

And last night, when she told me she’s going to call me Lola as well, I almost burst through the computer to kiss Madam’s feet!

Lola is so sexy, like a roadside hooker, yet so feminine. Hehe.

And as I was in bed last night, I think I thought of Nandini Ma’am, or … No!

It was this lady I saw on Twitter that did it, she posted a picture of her soles doing a self pedicure, cracked soles – BROAD soles -MY!

Toes painted red.


I’d BEG to paint them for her, and giving by her Twitter talk of “I wish I had someone to do all this for me!” – well, she would love it too!

Madam has this goal of walking 10 k steps a day, worthy indeed – I should know – I used to average out 30 k back in the day!

Anyway – females EVERYWHERE.

And with that hard dick, for once, I semi jerked it – NOT fully, but I didnt need to!

Man, that orgasm was never ending, BUCKET LOADS OF CUM ON MY palms, felt so good, MAN!

And it just didnt stop coming!

Pumped out so much cum, woke up in the middle of the night with a hard on SO HARD it literally hurt. Hehe.

So, that wasn’t a ruined orgasm, or semi, but a much needed RELEASE. Hehe.

And right now, all I want to do is give that Indian lady a pedicure, reminds me with her words of a certain Rachna Ma’am so …

Alright, my friends, there’s the update.

Gotta go for now – back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up some hot tales of Indian femdom HERE.

PS #2 – Madam Han (Vietnamese lady – isnt the name so APT? Hehe – even tho it’s not a chinese name…) is flying today, I made a wisecrack about “mile high cock”.

She replied back with “Mike high cock ???”

Truly I’m so high on COCK! In all ways, hehe – sitting on Master Wang’s lap, even, feeling that lovely dick of his hit my P spot, my own cock rock hard shooting … MY! (sissy shooting).

Sissygasm Central teaches you ALL about that sort of pleasure, once you try it, you’ll NEVER GO BACK -and of course, Penis Central -my “mindblowing” – no pun – and PATHBREAKING – no pun – course on COCKS that goes with it so naturally.


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