Those soles were so milky soft, so WHITE, so fair!

Malik, Paye Lagu … Memsahib … JI!

Ever since I was DRAWN to her yesterday, like a magnet, a moth, an ANT, ever since the so called “superior” male knelt at her feet – in public – a couple of days after he massaged her older friend’s feet as she slept for a while, blissfully taking a nap in the winter sun while I tended to her soles, something struck me – both these ladies, their hands are wizened, calloused, HARD – those slaps, my! from YEARS of labor – but the feet, soles, still so perfect, often more perfect than those who get them pedicured all the time!

(some maids have soft hands though. Like the Indian maid working at my house I write about SO much … Soft, smooth, well, hard – but smooth too if that makes sense – depends!)

I was literally DRAWN to her yesterday. Like a MAGNET, at my rightful place, under a disempowered Indian woman’s SOLES – in PUBLIC! Paye Lagu, MADAM.. JI!

They keep rubbing some “thing” – liquid – I thought it was disinfectant – but maybe it’s lotion on their soles in the park. Maybe thats why! And just goes to show, women LOVE their soles … !

As in China, thats why they are shy to show them too. Hehe. THEY KNOW!

Like this lady knew, the minute I knelt at her feet to position my camera for my workout – she, and her friend knew it was an excuse.

The friend was giggling away – and shouted at her friend “your the watchlady for his phone!”

And those toes, my, the lady felt as I knelt at her feet – perhaps she was so shy she moved away later – but as I exercised, I caught her looking t me ALL the time. No-one does that here – and I so want to do it again. Maybe I’ll touch her feet and say Paye Lagu too. I really hope I see her again today – I do everyday, and hope I have the chance to do it!

As I stood there, after she moved away, she did NOT move her soles from view later as  I spoke to her, and like I told you yesterday, cuck or not – thats when a woman, even one you dont know – is fully comfortable with you and the vibes, submissive or not, you emanate!

Those soles just SPOKE TO ME.

And so milky white, so fair, despite all the work Madam does, she takes care of her feet! Hopefully I’ll have the chance to do it too …

And I came VERY close to cumming in my pants again just thinking of the way those soles looked at me, proudly, flirtatiously, invitingly, like the woman herself!

And, her older friend – dark soles, anklets on both pairs of ankles, so NICE! I’ve spoken before about why anklets are so darn SEXY – they ARE. MY!

Writing this, I flicked my nipples once, and almost came again. I really had to clench not to cum!

This lady has some soles, I’ll tell you! And doing what I did, kneeling out there in public without her asking, her KNOWING though – it makes it so worth it! I just wish she’d have sat there as I knelt. Hehe.

Paye Lagu, Malkin JI ..! Maybe thats why she came to sit on the bench next to me watching me train anyway. Hehe. ATTRACTION!

And to attract femdom like this to YOU my friend – get the premier course on it NOW – A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland.

I really can’t stop thinking about her soles! Oh, so NICE – milky, perfectly shaped, FAIR, the toes so WELL PAINTED i.e polished RED ALWAYS! MY!

25 odes to Indian maids (thats her friend you see on the sales page) is SO worth it!

So is 15 odes to older ladies … they SO DESERVE IT!

Along with that, be sure and pick up 16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that will attract true and lasting femdom to YOU like moths to a flame – and you’re all set my friend.


Mike Wastson

PS – Recieved a great note from a guy wanting to audition for Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots – the audio book –

That was surprisingly erotic honestly. I would love to narrate this book. I’m new in the field just trying to get a start. This topic is interesting and new but hopefully you will give me the chance to narrate it. Any feedback you can provide will be helpful in my journey


The lust in his voice which he tried to control while pronouncing cock, balls and ass said it all – and that is what we WANT, it’ll show through!

Hi Chris

Thanks for your audition – much appreciated – and yes – cocks are erotic in general aren’t they? As a person I knew Etienne (nick on a forum I frequented back in the day) once said “cocks are just sexy, I think” – and he’s right – personally, I never knew it turned me on until I SAW an actual hard cock, etc.

Glad you found it erotic – it should be that – and I can tell from your voice, especially when you get deeper into the sample audition you sent (no pun intended haha).

I am going to make you an offer through the system now – stay tuned – my only suggestions would be to READ and visualize even more than you have BEFORE the narration – the “lusty” or erotic nature of the words will shine through even more – which is what is required!

And that my friend is that.

Along with Penis Central, THIS book deserves to be on every sissy’s bookshelf as well – or just cock lover in general.

Remember the rule, and the natural progression.

Feet and cock, boy. Feet … and COCK!

Feet .. and COCK


And theres really not much else to say … BOY! Hehe. As it SHOULD BE!

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