Just WHY are anklets so sexy?

Anklets, or even that sexy colored “thread” a lot of girls tie around their lovely ankles . . .

Last night, I saw my S.O.’s ankles with a cheap anklet of sorts.

A silver colored anklet, and I’ve no idea why she chose last night to wear it. But it looked sexy as hell, I’ll tell you that, especially in the “light” cast by the dim nighlight.

That lovely SOLE, standing straight up, staring at me, and back to anklets, I don’t know why, and I haven’t written about this a lot before I believe (either on my list or my books) but I find anklets to be some of the SEXIEST adornments ever for the feet!

More so than neck bracelets, chains, amulets or those worn on the arms.

And more than other adornments like tattoos etc.

And why?

Just why is a simple thread tied around the ankle SO sexy to me?

Well, I can’t give you a logical reason for this, but the emotional reason (and really, what really matters!!) is that it ACCENTUATES that lovely female FOOT even more, and combined with the sole, it truly is a sight to behold!

Especially when looked at from the side.

The side of the foot, the sole staring very imperiously at you, and the anklet, or the thread around the ankle telling you – this is the LINE, BOY!

You don’t go any further than this!

This is ALL you deserve, boy!

I wrote a while ago about the only rack a man should be looking at is her shoe rack. And . . . it’s true . . . especially if you’re a sissy – – or a cuckold! ?

And while Miss V Beauty Salon is a book that was based entirely around that premise (and indeed, I still remember her – YES – she WAS my neighbor back in 2017! Hehe), last night I wanted to rub my S.O.’s feet with oil as soon as I saw that anklet.

Remember, as I wrote about before. If you don’t find lotion . . . use oil, boy!

And do it all night long, as she rested comfortably. . .

Anyway, you guys know that part.

But yeah, that’s why I personally find anklets to be so sexy.

What about you?

Write back – – and let me know!


Mike Watson

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