Mistress Jyoti

I’ve made no secret of the fact that my femdom seeds were sown from a young, young age indeed!

Right from my “boyhood” (did this cuck ever become a MAN? I think no! ?) in India . . . the subcontinent, as it were!

And the lovely ladies of the subcontinent.

Madam Vandana, and her perfect FEET . . .

My 8th grade Civics teacher, and her ruthless way of punishing me, and taking her frustrations out on me (she shouldn’t have, but hey!). ?

And of course, Goddess Shikha (I believe I mentioned her?) and the “Joota saf kar! Chal!” comment that while playfully uttered stuck in mind ever since!

A lovely (well, not by conventional standards, but those EYES! ?) Indian girl of about 14, and her Asian looking friend of about the same page, and me – – also about 14, and she uttered that out of the blue.

She FELT it.

She probably had no idea what femdom was on a conscious level, but she could FEEL IT!

The vibe, basically. I always had it from a young age, hehe . . . And while a domineering mother who is probably the LEAST favorite person for me on this planet (and I don’t have a lot of favorites people in my life, hehe, other than these lovely ladies I write about) may or may not have been in part responsible for a lot of my femdom tendencies, the fact is that we don’t know for sure.

I’m still not sure if we’re “born” with femdom drilled into us.

I tend to think NO, and that external circumstance, much like anything else shapes a young mind (much like a potter shapes clay). The subconscious is even more amenable to suggestions (albeit indirect) at a young age, and while you CAN reverse the subconscious programming done, and on many levels I have, what about the feeling?

What about the association of “turn-ons” along with femdom and feet?

I doubt that is something that was consciously ingrained in me. It was always there, and I made the association myself at some level!

And back to Mistress Jyoti.

At the age of 19, I met a lovely Indian girl when back in the States for school (college as they say in the subcontinent).

A lady that FLOORED me from the time I met her.

Those eyes, that sparkle in her eyes and voice both, those LOVELY (I mean lovely!) tanned legs, and those PERFECTLY shaped feet, the toes always painted a shade of bright RED . . .

. . . and those flip flops, oh, those flip flops she liked wearing, and that smacked against her heels as she walked. . .

At that age, for whatever reason I was rather shy to talk to girls (unlike today!) and although a lot were interested in me, I didn’t talk a a lot, but with this girl, I just had to.

And as we “giggled” our way through the pleasantries, I knew it couldn’t last. But as we watched a movie one night with her putting her legs up on the table in her apartment (mind you; she invited me as “just a friend” for that time, at least! ?) . . . I had to tell her.

And tell her I did.

And the rest is history, albeit not in a way youd think.

After this girl, I met the other girl who wanted me to go to counseling . . .

But Mistress Jyoti never really left my life. Although we never did much femdom related, I always thought of her as “Mistress”.

Especially when she called me late at night saying “I was out dancing with these guys” . . .

I don’t know if she knew the meaning of the word “cuck”, but she was doing a great job of making ME one! Hehe . . . As well as her “bestie” (much like Madam Wendy did; her best FEMALE friend)!.

And SHE is the Goddess in the Indian Goddess series. We rarely, if ever, forget our first loves, and though the spark is gone by now, the VIBE isn’t and the VERVE isn’t by a long shot, and that’s why all five of those books were written!

She’s older now, and probably not in the best shape of her life. A far cry from the Goddess she was when I first met her, most would say (her Punjabi heritage probably has something to do with this).

And to me?

Every time I see her on Facebook, I’m reminded of that first meeting outside the library, and what “could have been”.

That sparkle in the eye, that way she tossed her hair back . . .

Madam, you’re always a Goddess; no matter WHAT!

They all are, actually. Hehe. ?


Mike Watson

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