On making studs BLUSH and more . . .


He is such a GOD – a black God, as I’ve often said on Twitter!

Every time I see him humping a girl on Twitter – his ass – his balls – his perennial region – I leak – FEROCIOUSLY AND FURIOUSLY!!!!!

And I cannot find enough opportunities to praise the dude, because he’s truly a stud!

“Mike, yes, thats what you like!” he once responded to me with.

He’s right!

Last night, I was looking at some posts he made – erotic, and turned on as always!

(Remember, I’m writing this from memory!)

And in response to one of his posts … well, I said this.

Well, let’s recant the entire conversation!

“SPERM RESORVOIR!” I remember sending him. 

“And SO lickable, perfect “Black Beauty”, sir! “

He responded with something like “Exactly that, Mike” (and with those same laughing emoticons that drive me INSANE WITH LUST!)

When she laughs at you, when they BOTH DO – OH MY!


Not to menton your asshole, always so fragrant!

Is what I replied to this Master and Stud that does such a super job of fucking – like I never could. Hehe.

And on that note, I attract plenty of girls that want just that, can’t get it from me … and, well, I write about in the tales of Chinese femdom I’ve written, and everything else!

But remember, its not about being a stud or cuck – its WHO you are that attracts, friend.

It’s a secret out in the open,

LOTS OF WANKERS wank about “how Mike can get so many girls”.

They don’t even know Mike is a cuck, yet he gets ’em!

What Mike is is …. well, a bad, bad boy in many regards!

And you might be very surprised at reading not just some of the tips in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland”, but also the EXPERIENCES at the end!

Dominant ladies doing exactly what you wouldn’t expect them to do – with me. Hehe.

“You’re better than him”, Princess Lucy keeps giggling at me. 

“I want to do legs up like animal with you!” (referring to how the KOrean guy pumps away!)

Madam I know.

Maybe I am!

But I just enjoy being a cuckold too much!


Anyway … (guys, thats an interesting one – all of YOU deal with this i.e. you want to be a cuck, she wants a real man – but only from YOU! – hence the book above! If you truly want dominance galore in your life, the MENTAL aspect is what you have to hammer home – Cuck Central, for one, deals with this in great details).

Ladies love a man they can’t get. Hehe. Thats part of it, but not the entire tale by FAR …

Anyway, where am I going?

Master sent me a picture of his thick luscious dong, those PUBES OF HIS SO SPRINGY! … 

… with the head “censored”.

Oh no!

I remember thinking, damn, I wish I could see his cock head!

Us all knowing cucks, you know! Seriously, you have a great body – beautiful cock and balls and ass! 

(I was replying to his comment about “how I knew his ass was fragrant).



You know!



Thank you, so thick! Yes, the POVs show your balls and ass, which are so drool worthy, but real life, I’d wet dream over your dong! Hahha the cockhead! So LUSCIOUS!

(in response to his cock pic)

Mike…you’re making me blush, which is hard, as I’m black.

And that was the best comment of the day!


When you can make dominant ladies whack you and smack you and come to YOU without you even trying – and make studs that pound them blush – that, to me, is more proof of Mike Watson being truly the real Mc Coy of Femdom!

Or, the real Macca as I’ve been called.

Think about it, a 6’3″ muscle bound black hunk with a lovely dick and balls – thick, those low hanging luscious balls, and his lovely SOLID MASS, that expanse of BUTT I SO WANT TO KISS!!!! – and HIS PERENNIAL REGION that haunts my DREAMS!!! – and of course, I SO WANT TO , my cock BE WELLING , LUST BE AROUSING – I so want to gently spread his ass cheeks and keep my mouth and tongue THERE!

I so want to make comments on his sexy chest and suck his nipples to give him extreme pleasure!

True, yours truly has all these attributes, and more.

But … I dont know.

The grass is always greener on the other side!

In real life, you’d never think Mike was a cuckold. Women gravitate to me more than they do the “studs” – and the proof, well, in the pudding …

In bed though, he prefers to be one!


But one last thing.

On the Miss V owned fitness business, my friend was calling Buttler Bozo Blowfield out, you know the scammer thats scamming lonely old women gullible enough to fall for his BS …

And he got this – amongst other things –

if you still want to post,pls remove “Chick” and any Chinese from your post,and change to use neutral calling like “women” or “girls” objectively.

Now, he posted that “Chinese girls can be very gullible at times“.

But hey, if you’ve been to any dancing monkey school in China, you’ll know what I mean.

thankfully, this has not been the case for a long time.

The Chinese have woken up to the FACT that all that is foreign aint gold – sometimes, and often, lik ewith the Bozo, the precise and polar opposite.

And Bozo Schofield is actually an intelligent chap from what it seems – a true “predator” – except he predates on lonely fat ole women and uses emotion to work his tricks, weasel his tongue in their asses, steal their money, while all along they call him a lunatic while “feeling sorry for him” … and so forth.

He’s actually a “natural marketing genius” in many ways if you think about it, but he crossed swords with my friend. That don’t happen too often, when it does, my friend WINS!

No matter what.

Anyway, calling ladies chicks?

I dont know .. in China, when I call them “girls”, they complain.

“We’re ladies”.


When I call ’em ladies, they complain.

“We’re not old!”

When I call them chicks, well ..


I love you, girls, ladies, everything!

Princess Joanie, Pooja Memsahib, all of you!

It ain’t about age!

And sometimes, I LOVE the “can’t win for losing” part.

Anyway, that, my friend is THAT for now.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the course on cock worship that is making cucks and studs alike BLUSH globally … if just for the RAW uncensored “graphic” nature of the words that paint an even more graphic picture! (like in Humiliation Central, I remember those dongs so well!)

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