“very lucky man fucked u”! – and, so many more updates!

Hehe. Thats what an Indian guy – a guy with a lovely long black dick told me – thick, long, all of it, he’s  wanting me more than an actual woman!

Softer than an actual woman, more willing to suck cock, and well … the perfect “gay sissy” for him as he calls me, and he wants to watch me get taken in ALL my holes, and suck HIM off too. Sucking, sucking, sucking, guys love it – guys can’t get enough of it – except in real life they dont, and what happens?

Well …

We recently uploaded Sissy Confessions to be narrated in audio book format (along with a lot of our other books, but so many more remain). And the key thing with this one, and I wrote about it – you truly have to be on board with the “we only have ONE life – so why not enjoy it to the fullest” philosophy – both while reading – and LEARNING from this book – and DOING – and therefore attracting the same results to yourself in this sphere that yours truly does!

Truly, this is a book that is sheer LUST from start to finish, and even the lovely sissy pictures on the sales page dont do it justice, if you as a sissy – or dominant – as you can tell, BOTH love me! – dont get this book NOW? Well, you’re missing out big time my friend, that is ALL I can say!

Take a look at the sales page, even that is nigh DRIPPING WITH LUST! YOU can feel it, so it should be, so I require from all my narrators as well!

On that note  – 16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations will soon be out in audiobook format as well.

Here is what the lady translating it had to say …

Hello Mike, Thank you for selecting me to work on this project. I am ‘interested’ and have been drifting in this lifestyle for more years than I can remember. With that in mind, I do look for new pieces to voice that reflect the lifestyle. It is important to me that the manuscript will connect with me before I even consider auditioning. Some think it is easy to write in this style. It is stunning to see all of the badly written manuscripts that are quite difficult to voice with a straight face! I do use a pen name as I work in this genre. For any artwork or credits, please use the name : Hélène Gayle Can’t wait to review the manuscript in its entirety! Thank you! Have a fabulous evening< Gail

And Madam is so right!

People in general have the WRONG damn idea about BDSM – guys in particular, its not about a quick blow or getting laid, or “game” even – its about thinking, mentality, LONG term – and the THINKING part is the most important! Vibes, and a genuine interest in POWER exchange and being turned on by it!

SO many people get it wrong … so she’s spot on.

On another note, I’ve been working with a lovely Indian lady with the cutest pronunciation ever, and INDEFATIGABLE – right word?? enthusiasm.

She’s new at this, but I love her voice, I love the “different” accent – and she’s perfect to narrate a cookbook we wrote for another business – but more than everything else, it’s her candor, her diligence is what I appreciate. She even scouted me on out on Facebook when we couldn’t connect through the Amazon site, and that I truly do appreciate!

I’m trying to bring up “Serving an Indian Goddess” with her. Although some of you have said Paye Lagu so well, it would be great – for an Indian lady to say it! Maybe I’ll do so, hehe. Let’s see!

Anyway – as if I needed more confirmation I was on the right path – Penis Central is also being narrated … Madam Christina called me! *you KNOW with Penises and Christina Maam – even the Universe is telling me I’m on the RIGHT TRACK!)

Why you always message me, boy! I am busy for make international BUSINESS! Why you not use the time for make business! You send message to me everyday!

Madam, you make me so weak!

Madam, I’m super busy, but business is NEVER MORE IMPORTAN THAN YOU!

Madam, thank you for using me – thank you for IGNORING me – thank you for being such a Queen, please let me touch your feet and say it again, you’re so NICE!

I think you can get the rest.


And last, from the narrator of Penis Central

such is the sad state of my sexual life that if one day a woman comes to me and tells me her husband
isn’t packed with dynamite in the size dept. and she wants me to use her for my sexual pleasure and oh by the way….
her husband is a cuck that will do what ever you tell him…..
that’s going to be the best day for me and her. I don’t know how he’ll feel about it, but my cock isn’t going to suck itself now is it.

So I’m wanting to be more the bully than the cuck/cock worshipper. That he BDSM? I’ve always wanted to be with a woman that had a need for that……seems like none of the ones I’ve met are interested in that.

If you know of anyone and you feel like doing me a solid and introducing me? What town do you live in? Maybe I’m just over excited and u
nder sexed.

yin and yang again, my friend!

So many guys do not get the results they want – so they – in bed or otherwise get MORE aggressive, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, by the way. To be a REAL dominant – you have to be kind, caring and understanding, and NOT let lust get the better of you – although it’s hard – no pun intended!

You also have to have been on both ends of the spectrum first as I’ve counseled folks so often, walking a mile in another man’s shoes, there is no substitute for that – PERIOD!

Yours truly, well, I’ve been on both ends – again, no pun! Hehe.

And I attract results no matter which end I’m on. All natural leaders do … YOU too can become one – its about inspiring, motivating and uplifting, as I told the Indian lady the other day, its NOT about your accent – its about how hard you try!

Hi Brian

Thanks for getting back to me! I feel you’re the right fit for the job – I liked your audition, and with the interest you have from a “dominant” standpoint in BDSM (it often happens – yin and yang – if your results are in real life in that sphere are not up to par, as you say – then a lot of times the “yang” comes in to balance things if you get my drift, and you are more into the “dominant” side of things – because the reverse is true in terms of your “Results” in real life – let me know if that makes sense? Haha…
Haha… Thats some of our sexual counseling we do around here (at Spicy and Erotic Fetish) although you didnt ask for it! Hah.

I’m not currently Stateside, but I’ve been all over the place, so not sure if I could “label” myself as being from a certain place – pretty nomadic lifestyle I’ve had thus far, and continue to!

I look forward to moving ahead with the book – let me go ahead and upload it NOW.

And those are the (lengthy) updates for now.

Folks, if you’re reading this, please dont read and do  nothing.

GET the above products in pdf or paperback format (or even hardcover now).

You’re literally doing yourself a huge disservice if you DON’T!!

And, I’ll point you to the audiobooks as soon as they’re ready, probably a week or so!

Do it NOW.


Mike Watson

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