He was so in lust he accidentally declined my offer!

This morning, you read about Chris McIntyre, who will be narrating “Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots” – and the superlative comments he left for the book (what he’s seen thus far) “I had no idea it would be this erotic “surprisingly erotic””

Well, you’ll have to read the PS of this email for more on that!

So I made him an offer, gave him a few tips on how to really project LUST into the words, which given my writing is not hard at all – no pun!

Or maybe I am intentionally punning, that will continue through this email.

Awesome! I really appreciate this opportunity and really look forward to it. I will definitely take a little more time and explore my desires a bit more while narrating. Thank you so much!

This was after I told him about Jeremy, my encounter with him, before then I had NO Idea how much cock turned me on, once I Saw it, I never went back!

And I suspect Chris is feeling the same way – sorta. He hasn’t seen the cocks from the book as yet, but still!

LUST my friend -it makes “men” do strange and crazy things, drives them to giddy limts of achivement hitherto UNDREAMT OF – yours truly is an example – if CHANNELED Properly via male chastity, and the right lady to keep the man on edge forever. There is no better feeling than manifesting anything on auto pilot, sales, women, everything – only thing that is better? Remaining chaste forever, and controlling the leaks too!

I was surprised when I saw my offer had been declined, I asked him what was up.

In error, I thought, and I was proven right.

Hello Mike,

I can see where it says declined. I definitely did not mean to hit that. If you can possibly put it back in I will accept it. Sorry about that 🙂

Chris McIntyre


True signs of being in lust already after reading part of the book.

No problem, buddy –

It happens – “to err is human”, especially in LUST, hehe. Just kidding, but that part is true!

Just made you an offer again, let me know if you got it.



Thank you so much! Got it this time lol. I am very excited to do this and find out more about me I didn’t know haha

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the email – yes – COCKS have a way of doing that! Like you say, be sure and visualize first before the narration – you’ll enjoy it, pun intended – and not too, hehe – and while I’ve already made an offer for “Penis Central” to someone, that someone seems to have gone “AWOL” – Ill have to contact him, but if that doesn’t happen for whatever reason, and if this project goes well – you’re more than welcome to “Penis Central” as well if you so choose.

Of course, we have plenty of other books we are yet to put on here -so if this project goes well, I’d definitely like you to work with us for the long term (if that works for you).

Look forward to moving A-“head” – pun, no pun, yo udecide.Hehe.


I’ll have to check back with the narrator for Penis Central – he’s probably dizzy with lust as we speak too. Hehe. a

My books do that to you – my words, me, all of it, and the keys – well, you have them in your hand -pun intended and not again.

Really, why do I say this again?

Because I’m the same damn way.

With that lovely maid (older lady) around me, her SOLES and broad feet are literally driving me insane with unfulfiled lust, making me MORE submissive, attracting women of all types to me, that all touch me, feel me up like MEAT – and so forth.

Literally, I can barely get through my workout without quivering with lust and touching her feet mentally – and more.

Literally, it also makes for the most awesome results producing workouts I’ve ever had.

Look, in lust you do strange things, but if you have control, you channel it properly, you do the WONDROUS, after a while of being chaste, each day just becomes MAGICAL – more and more so. Most men can’t handle it for more than a few days.

If you can get to two weeks, then a month, you’ll start to feel the magic.

Keep at it for six months – and beyond – it will REALLY KICK IN MY FRIEND!

You literally turn into a GIBBERING BOZO – in a good way – you attract ALL you want on auto pilot, trust me, money, sexual relations (though I’d stay chaste personally!) whatever you want – included!

Its just a nice feeling, wandering around the park when you’re TOO IN LUST TO EVEN WORKOUT! And of course, where you wander, women find a way to show up. SO NICE!

And that, my friend is that.

I’ll keep you posted on everything.

YOU please send me a review after you purchase the products you like, and remember – honest is what we want, and remember too – you get an extra 10% off your next purchase just for doing so.

I look forward to hearing back!


Mike in LUST!

And PS – the odes above are NOT meant to be read once and forgotten, you’re to read them like you do the affirmations, they’re MORE affirmations for you. VISUALIZE while you do it, really DRUM – pun – it deep into your m ind, which wont be hard at all – no pun!


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