When your PLEASURE BUTTONS turn you into nothing but a TOY FOR HER!!

And isnt that the best part of this!

I still remember Liao – that lovely girl in 2003 who flicked my nipples idly for LESS Than a second as her cool, soft hands massaged my corpulent (at the time) tummy.

Those hands moved up, past the hair on my chest, and though no words were spoken, no agreements were made either in terms of service or payment, she flicked them anyway idly, then moved on, but the effect on me????????????


I was so turned on I’d probably jump out of a window if she asked, and the rest is history.

Before this, it was a girlfriend in the US who tuned me into the pleasures of nipple play – she was older than me by 10 years, and had had MANY men throughout her life, so she should!

And she tuned me into the joys and pleasures of nipple play – after that, well , China!

And while I have written TOMES about how every morning I wake up thinking nothing but femdom, feet, bliss, humiliation and more – all ends and begins with the thought that I’m a toy for her, any other way would not be real femdom!

And toys can be turned on or off. Hehe. Pun intended!

And its EASY for her, so easy – a simple flick of the nipples, no need to even put her feet up, or slap me, or anything – a simple FLICK – and I’m hers!

Literally, I am – and so will YOU – the nipples are a part of the body which unlike the penis, adapts a LOT MORE quicker to flicks, stimulation etc if done right.

Control his nipples. 


That is a TRUISM of femdom, my friend, indeed, even sex normally.

The few times I’ve had sex in my life with my limpie, hehe – it was no longer when Madams hands were on my nipples!

Truly, those pleasure buttons have done SO much for me – and her!

Three emails to that tune – not enough!

Anyway – after you read all that – the other pleasure button?

My P – spot – and another often ignored ‘its gay’ (fooey, when guys will get past these silly labels is QUITE BEYOND ME!!)) (ugh!) … is another such pleasure button – while not as easily accessible as nipples, ALL she has to do is put one finger in, flick gently, withdraw, and I’m leaking, moaning, and if she doesnt want to put her finger in, she can put a dick in – or, a vibrating butt plug that does the trick too, and keeps me bouncing, moaning and squirming like a BITCH IN HEAT – men should be bitches, not women – and it does the job so well!

Two buttons together of course – MY – the BLISS YOU FEEL AS A SISSY!

And she of course controls you lock stock and barrel, so easy for her, as a girl told me tauntingly so many years ago “its easy to fuck with you!” – two – or three pleasure buttons to pinch, flick, squeeze, and you’re HERS!.

Well my friend, I dont know about you – actually, I do.

You the reader would LOVE to be on the receiving end of this femdom NIRVANA, and nirvana – bliss – is what it is, truly.

My two courses Nipplegasm Central and Sissygasm Central will help you get there with techniques that will keep you on EDGE and in bliss forever. The techniques in these courses are ancient, time tested – and go beyond the mere physical my friend.

You’ll want to get these courses now – along with that, BallBusting 101 and Ass Worship 101 as well, they all go together, and in true Watson style, never seen before info – and I am just getting started!


All for her,


Mike Watson

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