The sheer RUSH of slowly, lovingly tongue kissing a woman. Indescribable!

It truly is. If you’re a thinker!

Most men don’t even kiss women properly or engage in any sort of foreplay before proceeding. It’s stupid. The foreplay is what brings the mind and vibe really into it – and allows the rest to flow much better than it would normally.

I have detailed my dalliances with women daily here. I will continue to do so, but perhaps one aspect I have no touched upon – the sheer ANIMAL like FEROCITY with which I grab her and then KISS her – full on those lovely lips!

And not just fleetingly. I continue to for what seems like hours, then the neck, ears – could be the lovely young dhoban (I just found out her name is Ishika – so cute x) or Bhagwati (my that dark skin near me!!!!), or any lady, really…

Why would you want any sort of sexual alliance with a woman you aren’t close to mentally? Most guys claim they don’t want the mental connection – which is BS. If they had the option, knew how great it makes the rest of it as opposed to whamming Ma’am and done, they would invest more time in this.

Maybe I’ll even put out a course on proper foreplay in the future…

… The long slow kiss from a lady of the night which I truly know she reserved just for me , not her other men – the way Liao kissed me (Sin City Diaries) – Carol (who often was amazed at how much is kiss “why so much kiss”) – and many more …

One of my exs said about the first two “they really like you. It’s not about language (I couldn’t speak Chinese). They probably look forward to you coming in through there!).

She was right on all counts was Emily!


Slowly, tongues intertwined, you get close to the girl in a manner you cannot otherwise. You appreciate her, her imperfections – even more!

And you build a bond neither of you will ever forget regardless of notches on the bedpost or not.

The older dhoban is fat – I mean really fat.

Yet, I so love the rolls of huge fat around her womanly waist, thick butt etc.

But kissing her, I appreciate each inch of it more!

I’m getting CLOSER to her both mentally and physically with each roll, dollop, flick of that tongue intertwined with hers.

Only those that have done it will know what I’m on about!

And that’s the message for now. Back soon! But yeah, it’s magic…


Mike Watson

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