Control his nipples – control HIM!

Dear Reader,

One of the oft-ignored parts of the male body when it comes to sexual activity – or even BDSM – in the West are male nipples.

Male nipples are often viewed as nothing more than an unnecessary “appendage” – – useless, and with NO purpose whatsoever. Many men make the mistake of thinking that nipple play – even if done with a woman is “gay” – and shy away from it – at least in the West.

Big, big mistake, my friend and one I’ve written about galore in my books and writings! 

I’ve made no secret of the FACTS that a) male nipples once aroused and treated “properly” are one of the MOST erogenous zones on man and b) that I’ve had more (and just as pleasurable, if not MORE) orgasms from nipple stimulation (not even play!) alone than anything else.

It’s not a stretch to say that a flick of the nipples can get me hard – and ready to EXPLODE – at a minute’s notice, and on that note, it bears mentioning that nipple play is one of the most potent tools in not only the dominant lady’s toolkit – -but also a submissive male’s!

A few years ago I was with Madam Ashley, and we were asleep in bed together.

It was a cold, clammy winter night in Southern China, and I woke up in the middle of the night to take a leak – and the first thing I saw was her on her stomach, one lovely long leg extended out … her sole in full view!

This is something I’ve written about GALORE in my BOTH my Chinese and Indian Femdom writings … and something I enjoy immensely.

And I care not if it’s Madam Carol – or the lovely Anne – or Madam Ashley – or Garima Madam with her lover – the FIRST thing I do – even in the middle of the night when confronted with a sight such as this is to start massaging her feet gently.

And though I was sleepy enough myself, I started to “press” Ashley’s feet.

She woke up, giggled, and pulled me back into bed with her.

A short while later, I was awoken again – by one of the most deliciously sexy sensations I had EVER FELT – even with my experiences in China – and it was Ashley playing with my nipples, twirling her long fingers over my nipples in a way that cannot be described in terms of just how erotic it felt!

I was instantly hard, of course, and she continued her ministrations while “riding” me – – of course, she didn’t bother asking me what position I preferred.

She prefers cowgirl, and thats what she got – before being locked up, of course, but thats another story altogether! 😉

Often times, the first thing  I do mentally or physically when thinking of a woman – or submitting to her – is gently flick my nipples. The very thought itself arouses me, and when a woman does this – it’s all I can do to stop myself from dropping to my knees and kissing her feet and thanking her for doing it – – so submissive do I feel at that point!

I’ve mentioned in “15 ways to give him a ruined orgasm” (which by the way is proving to be hugely popular!) that the NIPPLES are the key to control his orgasm and RUIN it – and leave him dangling, frustrated, horny and servile – like a dog with it’s tongue out, in other words.

I’ve also mentioned, of course, that when you control a man’s orgasm – you literally control HIM.

And mix nipple play into all of this, and you’ll literally be on the road to UTTER submission if you’re a man – and utter dominance if you’re the lady in question.

He’ll literally do anything and go to any lengths to please  you, no matter how humiliating if you do this right – and all thats needed is a gentle flick of the fingers on his nipples, ladies – and you’ve got him -right where you want him!

Last, but not least, many people make the mistake of thinking that some men’s nipples aren’t sensitive – and therefore don’t arouse the same degree of feeling when manipulated.

Well, here is the thing – yes, that is true – but the more you play with a man’s nipples, the more they get used to it – and the more erotic it gets for him!

I’ve mentioned how an ex girlfriend of mine in the States used to suck my nipples – I had NEVER had it done before that, and the more she did it, the more I loved it.

And of course, that FIRST massage session in the foot massage parlor where the lovely “Liao” flicked my nipples expertly – – the first in one of many, many nipple play sessions I’ve had … and the rest … well, is history!

I’ve detailed that history in the Sin City Diaries. Volume #1 is currently on sale, so if you’re interested in real life experiences from yours truly in the city he so enjoyed for many years, well, HERE is where you can grab it – –

Alright, my friend. That’s it for now. I’ll be back later with more!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Ruined orgasms are the best way to spice up not just a BDSM relationship – but also a “vanilla” sexual relationship gone stale. Ruin his orgasm – keep him salivating for more – and make him pleasure YOU as YOU deserve to be – and learn how to do it right here – –

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