Control his nipples – control HIM!

Dear Reader,

I’ve written often about how when the right lady takes control of a man’ orgasm – – and indeed, therefore its (his!) mind – – then you effectively control the MAN himself.

Or the sissy, for that matter, hehe. Which “real man” would consent to have “his” cocklet locked up?

As Madam Pearl often giggled after doing this …

“You already allow me the freedom to go out on dates, boy!”

And another giggle.

“Well, now I allow you too. You can have as many girls as you like. Be sure and show them that you’re … “(and here she would burst into peals of laughter) … “owned by Madam Pearl!

Indeed, Madam, and ONE other way to control your man – or sissy – as you know – is through his NIPPLES!

Don’t believe me? I understand, but hear me out first, my friend!

Many years I visited another one of those foot massage salons in Southern China that I write – and talk so much about. And true to form, they brought a girl who was skilled in not just massaging feet but providing “extras” as well – probably way more so the latter, hehe.

And I’ve mentioned before I believe that “foot massages” in China are more like overall body massages done as you recline on a sofa with the set tilted back – with your feet immersed in warm water.

Quite the experience, and as this young lady massaged my chest, I couldn’t hold back – and brought her hands to my nipples.

She giggled, flicked them OH-SO-EXPERTLY for a minute – and then drew back.

“Not now!” was the giggly response – a tease if there ever was one – Chinese girls do it the best!

Chinese girls from the mainland, that is, hehe.

Now, I’ve mentioned before about the system in place where in you get massaged/teased for an hour (well, this was what it was back in the day at least before the “Great Yellow Crackdown” of 2013) – and THEN opt for another hour if you want extras.

I opted for the extra hour, but something happened – I can’t quite remember what – and I lost my rag, literally.

I think it was the establishment guy constantly banging on the locked door about something. Nothing quite as annoying as being “interrupted” during you know what – and as I got particularly incensed, the girl intervened.

“Oh, come back, honey!” she cooed – and it might as well have been a male dove cooing to his S.O.

But the “dove’s” fingers made all the difference, as she shut the door simultaneously – and flicked my nipples so expertly, just the way she KNEW and FELT I liked it – experienced borne out of years of doing it – and yet,as I’ve said many a times in the past and rightfully so – Chinese girls are by far the best at teasing and nipple play – it seems to be an inborn ability – I don’t know – but thats what I’ve noticed!

And as I calmed down almost instantly, it was like an angry lion being “taken to heel” by it’s owner – literally – as she laughed.

“There you go!” (no “boy” being said, but she might as well have!)

And she finished me off with a handjob – not quite as I wanted to, but once she had my nipples – her fingers – those lovely Chinese fingers – did the rest – and that was that! She minimized her own efforts quite expertly, and I still remember shooting a massive load, although she did NOT administer the HJ per my liking!

And why should she, hehe.

Now, some guys have had questions.

“I don’t get turned on by nipple play”.

“I don’t like that. It’s gay!”

And more, but I’ll address these two now.

First, it’s not a matter of “not getting turned on”. You have to TRY IT first – with an open mind! I was first introduced to nipple play by my then girlfriend – a white girl – from the U.S. in 1999, and I’ve never looked back – I still remember that first time she sucked my nipples, and …!

And second – well – STOP right there, my friend. This is the same idiotic response many guys have to P-spot play – and other things – and hey – if you’re not open to experimenting with your own body – who will??

Believe me, for you submissive guys out there – you will LOVE it when she flicks your nipples, looks arrogantly in your eyes – confident in the knowledge that she HAS you – quite literally – both by the dick and balls – and nipples as well!

Not only that – you SISSIES out there absolutely MUST take advantage of this tool to sissify yourself further!

I can come these with NOTHING but nipple play – – just like a true sissy – and believe me – the pleasure is more mental than just physical.

I’ll get into this more in the future – but for now – remember – if you’re not already – incorporate nipple play into your life TODAY.

You’ll never ever look back, sissy, that I DO promise!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Did I mention nipples lend themselves REAL well to RUINED ORGASMS ? That is probably why I devote a lot of attention to nipple play in that particular course – grab it right here –

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