Increasing the size of sissy HOLES -and the sheer FRENZY OF LUST!!!!


Something I have not written about in Sissygasm Central, at least not as of now – is combining different methods and techniques to .. . not just bring you to BLISS like never before as a sissy boy (or even a dominant alpha male, if you’re that – or PLEASURE at the control you gain over your sub if you’re a dominant lady – and so forth) … to INCREASE the size of that sissy hole!

Remember, it was MEANT to be a one way street. Hehe, but sometimes the forbidden, things we were never meant to do are what give us the most pleasure, and male P spots – or G spots, are no different !!

But first, NIPPLES!

This morning, I had, for a change, no thoughts of sex.

I was exhausted, tired from 500 pushup workouts my friend teaches (if you want in, let me know, I’ll send you a link to his book – he’s truly not just the STUD whose feet and soles I gush about so, but a real man too!)


I used a special technique from Nipplegasm Central … a combo of TWIRLING and flicking – not just flicking which is the most common – and some other techniques I outline in the book. YES, it’s all been tried and tested on me, yours truly, before I give it to YOU!

And MY!

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The FRENZY OF LUST this aroused in me – MY!

Hours later, I still feel it.

And I wanted two girls in bed with me, why?

Not necessarily to have sex.

One twirling my nipples, not even showing me her soles if she didnt want to, but the other?

Gently probing my sissy hole – and ENLARGING IT!

How thats done – well, I’ll reserve that for Sissygasm Central – Volume Two!

It’s not that easy – but putting TWO fingers in – in a special manner is – KEY – pun intended, except there are ways to work up to it!

That LOTION laden finger gently probing, then roughly, then gently, then … TOUCHING my spot, my sissy spot – and more, the sneer, the warm breath, NIPPLE S- OH MY!

Remember, some dicks are BIG – and THICK!

And so while fingers work GREAT in terms of bliss … if you truly want a dick, or multiple dicks up there – MY, pleasure magnified x 1000 – and remember, like nipples, the PROSTRATE is one of those areas which ADAPTS.

The more y0u use – the more bliss it gives you, the MORE of your sacral chakras are activated, the MORE you DRAW and attract what you want out of LIFE, not just sex – to yourself!

It’s deep – no pun intended!

Everyone’s heard about chakras, the body’s energy centers.

And P spot stimulation stimulates not just this chakra, but another one DEEP down in your navel, your base chakra from which your very LIFE FORCE either ebbs – or FLOWS!

I’m sure you know you want to be on the FLOW side.

Ebb, zero energy, desire, no achievement, accomplishment etc – flow, the polar opposite.


I reached down this morning, the combo of nipple play – and SISSY HOLE PLAY – it felt like my dick was a tree trunk pulsating with energy like NEVER BEFORE!

Trust me, my friend – I believe I mention it either on the sales page or the book itself, but there is a reason ancient Indian and Arabian Maharajas (Kings, emperors) used to have their holes probed daily – so they could service those huge Harems they owned!

The way my dick – the blood flow to it – feels after a combo of how I teach YOU to do it in the books – INDESCRIBABLE, in one word!

As an aside, yesterday I was all alone out there in the winter sun doing pushups – except that lovely indian maid I write about so, she was there too.

I was there with shirt off.

My tiny titties, getting tinier – or I should say, my NIPPLES – were showing, and throughout the workout, I so wanted Maam to flick my nipples right there.

That LOVELY way I describe in Sin City Diaries, where it’s a shoulder massage initially, then you bring her hands down gently to .. NIPPLES!


Get the books above, my friend – truly unlock the keys to everlasting bliss – ON COMMAND – anywhere!


Mike Watson

PS – Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, and Penis Central are FLYING OFF THE SHELVES, folks can’t stop raving about it – and how it’s changed their entire mindset – not just BDSM wise, but SEX wise too!

You’ll want to check them out NOW.

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