Dinner humiliation, and more . . .

I recently saw a post on my Twitter account about a Domina asking (in general) if it would be OK to humiliate her sub at dinner.

To my thinking, I’d say hell yes! The more public it is, the better Madam . . . ?

But while others might or might not be into this sort of public humiliation I’ve written about it very extensively.

I believe Krystal – The Teaching assistant (the series), Madam Carrie, and Empress Cody (amongst others) all have a very solid dose of public humiliation in them, and I would NOT be lying to tell you that just writing it turned me on so much that I can understand why people get so turned on when reading them stories!

You true femdom lovers that is, both male or female (not those looking for “quickies” or “Can I serve you” or “Can I be your slave” rubbish).

Now . . . it DID bring to mind a conversation I once had with Madam Alexa when I first met her online.

All those years ago, hehe. I believe she was 19 at the time and I think 22 now, but I ain’t 100% sure, but of course, while age doesn’t matter, the age difference between us makes her dominant nature even more exciting.

Young Goddess, and older, fat (not really) paypig (YES!) – cum – cuck (cum!) – sissy . . .


Anyway, I asked her what would happen if we went to dinner, and she spit in my food.

“Madam, what if we had dinner, and you spit in my food an dthen handed it back to me?”

She giggled.

“We’ll never know will we?” she responded (and she’s right in a way, as we haven’t been out to dinner – YET!).

And I’ve written tomes about this sort of thing before.

One of the recurring themes in one of my books, first mentioned in the by now Famous Garima Madam – The Prequel (truly worth a read!) is how Garima (Madam!) puts here feet up on Prakash’s lap as they’re eating dinner together which she ordered per her specs, and he paid for!

And as he “pressed her feet” while she gorged on the tasty delicacies found in the subcontinent (India here) he was truly reminded of the truism of “it’s always about her, and then some!”

Especially when Madam burped after yet another beer, and he was forced to drink . . . you got it. Water! Hehe . . .

Madam Anne and me once discussed this too.

What if you put my bones on your plate, Madam?

What if you make me eat your leftovers, Princess Sophia (this with Sophia – THAT lady who asked about my bank balance the first day, and still does, hehe).

And so forth.

So many ideas, so little time in which to execute ‘em!

And each one worth a GOLD MINE in terms of femdom. And humiliation.

More such ideas right HERE for you humiliation afficiandos . . . Humiliation Central.

Have at!


Mike Watson

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P.S #2 – Remember to (especially) grab the Krystal – The Teaching Assistant and the Empress Cody series. From eating (crunching;)) toenails to other depravity including eating with “pens” pulled out of the unfortunate “yours subbie” ass – – these books truly have it ALL!

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