A Princess that must be taken care of!

Ma’am, Paye Lagu!

There are two women, my friend – who I barely spoke with, never met one – who will always remain with me – in my pysche – forever!

One being my dark skinned Indian maid – my – I SO want to kiss those slim sexy DARK – strong – yet FEMININE – forearms, those palms, I’ve written about her galore, I SO want her to flick my nipples – I’d massage her feet, and her husband’s if she has one – all night long!

And more!

Last night, I fell asleep dreaming of pressing the older Indian lady’s feet I talk about SO! I’d even press her husband’s pot bellied stomach, I’d kiss that hairy manly tummy – and press his soles – MUAH!

And then hers …

Ma Ji, Paye Lagu! 

So pathetic, Ma’am, I know! ?

And I had a dream about this maid taking a dump and farting LOUDLY – like BOMBS – in the bathroom, which is interesting, you guys know how it is in India with the class divides – them not being able to use the bathroom and such!

Which is sad that happens in real life, but it is what it is, but in dream world, probably a great omen of things to come – as always!

I’d SO kiss that ass, lick the balls! He’s so NICE, those strong LEGS!!MUAH! MAKES ME SO WEAK!

And if my maid wanted him, I’d do all I could to get her – HIM!

Ass Worship 101 is probably a good one to take a look at, by the way, the best treatise of it’s kind out there on ass worship done RIGHT, truly make the GIVER feel like … well, a real submissive, there for his and her pleasure, and the top – the dom – or domina, well, they, as they should, with these techniques, will feel ON top of the world, ROYAL EVEN!

As it should be…get this course NOW.

Anyway, second?


I Was searching for a visa agent in China in 2019 – real life -to help me resolve some issues with my visa. Most seemed to be scam artists or not really in the know of things which is par for the course in mainland China and probably a lot of other places…

… but Sherry, there was SOMETHING about her which seemed genuine, especially her communication from the get go.

And she was a Queen and Princess, from the get go, that was evident as she sent me her pictures – nothing that would make her stand out, other girls said “I dont like her face!” – but there was SOMETHING, the firm nature in which she spoke, I believe, although very polite – it made me shiver with lust!

I paid her not out of lust, but because I thought we could do business together.

Boy was I wrong, and she hasn’t returned my deposit (money I paid upfront) ever since – nor obviously did she do the visa… but sitting and thinking about it years later?

Although I want my money back – Madam still makes me shiver with lust though findom was not involved directly there!

Business dealing it was, I’ve done business with so many ladies.

But Sherry?

If she’d message me NOW, I’d drop down and kiss her feet NOW -and probably still argue with her about the money she owes me.

But overall?

Do a search for “Princess Sherry” on the site, and you’ll see what I mean!

My thoughts now?

Sherry, you’re my lord and Master. 

And if you screwed me over again, I’d kiss your feet for it again!

And I’m being flat out honest – I’ve no idea where the Princess is these days, but hopefully doing well – my thoughts go out to her anyway!

Submissive Musings in Mainland China – Volume Two – has more on this. TRULY a mind fuck bar none, you’ll want to read this even if you’re not into findom, and I wasn’t thinking findom consciously when I met Sherry, but … subconsciously? I wanted it, most likely!

and it happened, albeit in a manner I did not like, but all for the greater good.

Paye Lagu, Madam.

You’re so nice and dominating!


Mike Watson

PS – I’ve decided to extend the sale for a few more hours based upon user demand – but remember, today is definitely the last day of the sale. We’re getting so many hits to the site I had to upgrade the software again; so hurry while the sale lasts – clock’s ticking my friend.  (45% off cart value of $100 or more – remember, that means … almost 50% off your purchase!)

And here’s a great review on the book! As Paula says below, a Princess that must be taken care of. That was Sherry to a T!

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