A lovely French “always annoyed” Madame!

And dont forget – as she told me so nicely, and firmly -lovely manner, like a certain Rohini did YEARS ago … (remember her? “I’m not telling my husband I’m talking to weird men late at night at 2AM! ? those were the days of Yahoo! Messenger – I guess Mike is kind of dating (no pun!) him/herself by saying that but it’s true! Hehe).  .  .

“It’s Madame!”

And then she explained the difference between …

Madamoiselle – Miss

Madame – Mrs. That’s why my name is maharani meghdevi MADAME? lil bit of French touch along with English and Hindi ?

And what a name you have – Madam(E)!

I’m capitalising the E for a good reason. Hehe. Wouldn’t want to be whacked!

The first translates to Queen in Hindi – second, “Goddess” (also used for married lady sometimes in some parts of the country) – and the last, well, married lady in French – and those lovely palms holding a half bot of FRENCH wine – so apt, so nice!

Just the perfect end to a good birthday – along with the sale we’re having of course -applies to all of you, Madams, Madame’s, Monesiur’s and in betweens – everyone! Hehe.

I noticed her doing chores on one tweet.

So, Madam does chores too?

Oui oui. I should know each and everything then only I could be a good maharani. ?

What a lovely conscientious lady – SMART TOO! ?. She knows she can dominate well only one she learns the ropes herself – its what I keep saying here too, to be a good sub, you’ve got to understand how the Dom/ina thinks/feels, to be a good Domina/Dom you have to think or feel how the sub thinks or feels, you have to WALK that mile in the other man/woman’s shoes!

Perhaps one reason – well, another one – that my books hit home so? I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum and then some, and continue to be, its all about the mental part, I’ve always said that!


Know whats different and the most interesting about this lady – it isn’t the mixture of names adding up to .. well Empress? Hehe.

It’s this – her twitter handle includes “forever annoyed”.

And if you know any Queen worthy of calling herself that, (as Madam Ivy once told me “Chinese girls are all queens!”) – then you know women are irritated at everything and anything, and if they aren’t, finding a reason to be so and taking it out on guys – or shopping – or massages – well, makes it all worth it! Hehe.

Hahaha, thanks. I got a chance to name myself and I tried to be as creative as I could ?

Well Madam(e) – its that – and it hits home because it’s TRUE! Hehe.

I complimented her on her French, she said she was learning, I said she’s always my “learned” teacher, asked her how to say it in French. Told her I wanted to learn French from her. No pun intended! Hehe.

And that, my friends is the night thus far.

I’m off to bed.

Remember – final hours of that 45% off sale … get your buying in while you can, save some BIG money too while you CAN!

I look forward to waking up tomorrow to NOT just more sales – but more reviews – seriously, my friend – reviews are what make it so worth it as well -honest and genuine reviews help EVERYONE, especially those interested (seriously so) in making a future purchase.

Lets do it, lets finish this day off GREAT! (and remember, another 10% off waiting for you upon review submission via the link you get in your purchase email – easy as pie to do as well, if you have any questions, shoot me an email, let me know!).

Paye Lagu Madam, I should tell her.

I’ve got a feeling she KNOWS!


Mike Watson (which makes it so worth it, as you know!)

PS – Books, manuals, all included in the sale – add to cart NOW, and save BIG, my friend.

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