Bikini cut undies for real men – yay or nay?

An interesting thought just struck me.

Recently I bought a set of “undies” – hehe – I so love using the term, so feminine – muah!

And I thought they’d be the boxer sort, but they turned out to be – well, not bikini cut – but “in between” if you get my drift, and with the number being 3, male, female, in between – hehe – and the colors – blue, red, and grey – SO PERFECT!

I knew i made the right choice – as always, gut, instinct.

I’ll be doing laundry and washing them today most likely! muah ❤

But, point of me saying this – its interesting – what do YOU guys prefer?

I’m just curious …

Lots of guys know it “squeezes the penis and balls” – the bikini cut.

Yet, real men have been featured for the ads for these, men with women in tow punching their adversary clad in nothing but a trench coat (I have one too, I love it -for guys in good shape, looks awesome!) and undies! Hehe.

Undies, so love the term!

I usually wear the boxer sort, since I’m well endowed – but I’ve worn both!

And just to tell you, dick size doesnt necessarily shrink permanently when either locked up in chastity (steel, even) or if you squeeze it into litl pink undies

And if it does, its a muscle – remember. Can be regrown. Muah! I so love making penises grow! Hehe.


Anyway, from a cuck standpoint, pulling his underwear down?

I prefer BOXERS, look so manly!

And his dick looks SO nice and unfettered in them, the bulge of his balls too!

I dont mind the other sort of underwear on men – but this one, for me, better! Both from a cuck and standpoint and otherwise?

And you?

Write back – let me know – let me know your tales of penis worship too, and I’ll share them with the world as well as possibly and if you so choose or desire, in Penis Central – Volume Two.

For now, grab Penis Central – Volume ONe – surely a book every fetishist MUST have on their bookshelf – virtual or not.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – The undies I bought, they had “Oh-baaaaaaaaaama” written on them.

Right?Wrong? I dont know, only Barack would know muah 😂😂

The things people think of, in China I saw a monkey of all things titled as Obama (Anne had it). Ugh! People’s mindset will NEVER change, will it? Its one thing to put that sort of thing on an underwear set with the black guys and big dicks thing, but monkey? Nah … but then again, “myths” go both ways, I suppose.

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