Debauchery at HITHERTO UNSEEN LEVELS, of the most BLASE and DEBASE forms!

And that should be the theme for the entire Pooja Memsahib … JI! Series, but especially Volume #3 which shall be underway very soon!

If you thought two cocks pointed in your eye and several waiting lined up was a lot, and looking at her royal, HOLY shit emerging out of her asshole, “imperfections” and all, undigested corn and all (it’s a such a rush – it’s her WASTE, and she is HOLY!) … then Volume #3, my friend will SHAKE you to your foundation.

And its, more than any other book only for serious femdom lovers who understand there are never truly any limits to where she can take you – – and you WILL be led, boy!

Now, this holds true for all my books and courses.

If you’re here to get your rocks off, or “want me to introduce girls to you” and will “pay only by a certain means” – then I gotta tell you one thing.

Bye bye, friend. Better luck elsewhere.

Because if thats you, your disgracing not just my stellar books, products and courses that are unlike ANY anyone has ever put out on femdom, and(never say never, but still) ever probably WILL.

It’s REAL femdom, not the “jerk and run” stuff, boy!

And more than products being disgraced, you’re disgracing the holy grail of femdom. And that, my friend is UNACCEPTABLE>

I was going to type a period, but it came out as “>” which is right!

Anyway, the SUBCONSCIOUS is speaking here!

And the conscious too.

And on that note, Pooja Memsahib … JI! – Volume TWO is out now. Be sure and grab it – and enjoy!

On other fronts …

As “promised”, the price for the Watson faithful has gone up by two hundred smackers – pun intended.

Still worth every red cent you pay for it and then some.

But, to those who will complain – well – sorry – but you got PLENTY OF NOTICE!

And I can’t promise the price will stay where it is…

However, and on other fronts – Sissy Central and Sissygasm Central are two of our other bestselling courses after Cuck Central.

And I believe I mentioned this in Pooja Memsahib …. JI! – Volume 2, that the price for ALL three was goin gto go up.

Not sure, but I think I did.

And as a courtesy – for NOW – I’ve left the prices as they are for the New Year’s rush ,but get ‘em NOW – I cannot promise they won’t go up very soon!

And last, but not least if you’ve got the first and second Volume of Pooja Memsahib … JI! Already (indeed, one fine fellow even ordered the paperback!) – and are keenly interested in Vol #3, then write back, and I’ll see what I can do for you in terms of a pre-order discount of sorts!

And thats that from yours truly.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

Ps – And it’s official. Happy new FEMALE DOMINATED 2021!

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