Sissy reviews Sissy Central.

Rating: 5

Review Title: A real mind changer


An incredible read. I have been \’playing\’ at being a sissy for several years, I\’ve done a lot of things that are described in this book but I\’ve been doing them all wrong.

No spoilers here, but this book goes through each of the important subjects, the activities that are expected of you as a sissy, and explains where your focus should be, how to make the experience far more fulfilling for all involved and why you inevitably need to change the way you think.

I will be looking at my role as a sissy in a new and refreshing way after reading this, and will certainly be reading it a second and third time. An essential for anyone who is serious about becoming a more involved and more attractive sissy.

And that, my friends is that.

I truly go DEEP in this book like never before.

I omit the superficial and strip you down to your sissy CORE.

I have you reexamining your BELIEFS. Realigning your entire life, almost in a hypnotic manner (this sissy feels hypnotized by my mere commands!) – so everything points towards your ultimate and full sissydom.

Like you’ve always wanted, CRAVED deep down inside.

This book is a MUST grab for all budding – no pun – sissies and even Doms, Dominas, experienced sissies – or just anyone that wants to add some incredibly sexy SPICE to your sex life. Everyone will learn something from this book!

Get it NOW.

Along with it, Serving an Indian Goddess is a must grab. It is a real life example of progression from tentative slave to full time slave to cocksucker to sissy and then an ultimate complete transformation from which the sissy will NEVER return. Which is the point, no pun, of it all.

Master has it planned you, you all sussed out … SISSY!

Submit. It’s inevitable and you know it.

And that’s that.


Mike Watson

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