Polite, gentle, caring (and still sexy) – > Dominant, RUTHLESS indifferent, and OH SO SEXY!

Dear Friend,

Sounds like a dream (come true) – doesnt it?

How many of you have lovely girlfriends, so caring, so kind – yet, when you bring up femdom, or domination – they shy away?

When you want them to be mean to you – they ask you “why you want them to be a bitch to you!”

When you want to be humiliated, they say “it’s not normal and would rather have “my bear back” – or “my man back’?

And so forth …

Nothing wrong with any of this, necessarily – not your desires, not her reaction, but the thing is, and I keep saying this.

Force something like this on someone, or attempt to “work it onto someone” – and chances are you’ll fail miserably, my friend.

Most men do.

Of course, part of it that a lot of men are Bozos like Bozo Schofield who are into it for themselves, and getting their rocks off alone, the minute they learn it isn’t about that – they get pissed off, and their real “Mr Hyde” selves show!

You have to work her into it – and the tricks are all outlined in the book “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” – while Isaid “tricks”?

The fact is, there are no “tricks” here.

It’s about the mind, and moulding the mind, and therefore ATTRACTING to you – and getting HER mind to think the way you want it to in terms of femdom!

And believe me, it can be done!

In Garima Madam’s bitch, I specifically devoted a Prequel to explaining how Garima became Garima … Madam … JI ! She was literally moulded into that role by circumstance and watching and not all women take/have to take that path.

In Serving an Indian Goddess, the lovely Priyanka was not always as dominant as she becomes in Volume 2 – and more so in 3!

In 1, you’ll learn the story of how she was “when I first met her”

Of course, the two Sequels take femdom to a whole new level altogether (even you experienced femdom lovers will “goggle” at the ending to the Second Sequel).

But anyway, on that note …

Yall know the Second Volume has been translated into Spanish, right?

For some reason, the translator chose to do it that way i.e translate Volume II first …

(I think he didnt see I. Hehe).

And as he’s translating that one, he sent me this review –

My personal thought from what I have went through so far of this first part of the saga is the atonishment I have from the shifting of the dominant, ruthless and indifferent Priyanka that I got to know in the sequel to the yet polite, gentle and caring one that I’m writting down the translation of at this moment. It’s intriguing to find out the character’s development from one point to the other.

Amen, Sergio!

And he’s right.

My response to him

Hi Sergio

Thanks for getting back to me!! Yes, you’re right – much like the “Garima Madam” series, Volume One shows Priyanka as she is – and Volumes 2/3 really get her into femdom, and start amping up the level – and when you get to the two Sequels – you’ll truly see how she has taken to SOLID femdom like a duck to water (which was always the case – all about the mind, and bringing out the innate femdom in each lady – yes, as I say in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies in mainland China” which every male sub should have – it IS possible, and DOES happen!).

Thats what I keep telling people that “no, just because she’s too nice doesnt mean she can’t or wont dominate you, you just have to work up to it the right way” – and most dont…

People involved in serious BDSM are actually some of the nicest ever – if just for their understanding of each other pysche’s, what makes each other tick – and being caring enough to “care for the other person’s deepest, basest, most instinctual needs and desires!

Glad to know you’re “luvin it”, hehe – and look forward to the final translated version!

There was more.

But, this is the relevant part, and it’s so true!

Again, if you haven’t already – then grab the Indian Goddess series – and the two Sequels – you’ll love them.

And, of course, remember to pick up the flagship “A Complete Guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China“.

Once you go Chinese femdom, or any?


PAYE LAGU, Madam Ji!


Mike Watson

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