Submission takes you by the hand. If you oppose it – it takes you by FORCE!

So true, Paula, so true!

That above line is part of a VIDEO REVIEW she sent in – – something I highly, highly encourage ALL OF YOU TO DO via this link here – Book Reviews – Spicy and Erotic Fetish  – simply put in your name and email address (note – even if you’re logged into the site, for this particular snippet, you’ll need to put in your name and email address again) … and simpy – hehe or simply click “Lets start recording” – and let us know your thoughts! …

.. and that above line is so TRUE!

Before I proceed, Paula’s been doing some great, great video reviews for our books and products – her Youtube Channel is HERE – Paula Banda Rendón – YouTube  – you’ll want to check out her channel NOW.

In addition to her website, which you can find under the “partners” section at the bottom of this page!

Our own youtube channel has a lot of this as well, but she’s been doing such a superlative job, and her latest video submission on her thoughts about Spicy and Erotic Fetish – why she loves our books and products so much – well – it’s just the “icing on the cake” if I might say so, Countess!

She delves into her own background – where as a child she wanted to please – be a source of joy and pleasure – to “serve”, in another manner if I might say so. She goes into her training as a Geisha – and much more – her background – and then she works into WHY she loves our books and products SO!

And truth be told, I wrote about this here before – Yet another reason my femdom, especially the BOOKS AND MANUALS hit home SO! – Spicy and Erotic Fetish  – that was a recent email but I wrote about this before – if you were to put it in one word – or a few – well, “reality mixed in a dab of creative license. NOT The other way around!”

And that dab is very intense and creative, as Paula notes in her review!

Its all about real life, the REAL life we see around us, when you incorporate and successfully LIVE femdom in real life -THAT is the true pinnacle, Mecca and Medina – EVERY true and real femdom lover does and MUST ASPIRE TO!

Thats it in a nutshell – more verbose link above – and Paula now SAYS IT TOO!

Here it is –


A few lovely snippets from her review –

Frank, entertaining writing, wherre he loves women

Submitting to their desires, he NEVER tried to impose himself, just wanting to BE with them …

Submission takes you by the hand. If you oppose it – it takes you by FORCE!

So true, Countess, so true!

Or, as I wrote to her …

Hi Paula,

Thanks so much for that SUPERB REVIEW on why you love our books and products, the general background you gave about yourself – the way you described my books (I will write more on this in an email) – – and most of all, what you said at the end about “Mike being a dear friend – and I hope he continues to keep putting out work in his “intensely” creative manner” – that describes me so well – and YES, this will keep going – it is part of ME, it always has been, and it always will be, so it should be!

Submitting to their desires, he NEVER tried to impose himself, just wanting to BE with them …

Submission takes you by the hand. If you oppose it – it takes you by FORCE! – Indeed, Countess, it sure does! Best to ACCEPT IT, go with the flow …

Thanks again Paula -that was simply outstanding! (like you are, haha).

And it’s true – if you’re a real femdom lovers, you KNOW – SHE KNOWS!

That look in the eye, and its inevitable, whether you accept it HAPPILY now – or later – or “fight it” – much like the tsunami that cannot be stopped – happen – it will!

I so love putting women on a pedestal and simping to them!

And so it should be for all of YOU if you’re a real femdom lover!

Anyway – DO send in more video reviews via the link above.

DO send in your own experiences after DOING what I tell you to in my manuals and BOOKS!

And DO send reviews via the link you get in your Inbox upon purchase as well.

ALL of these things will ensure (in the last case, automatically, in the other two cases, through yours truly) a 10% discount off your next purchase- guaranteed!

And thats that. Enjoy!


Mike Watson

PS –

Without him, we couldn’t have those lyrics that are so stimulating!!

Thank you, Madam is what I should reply with. Without so many nice and dominating women that know their rightful place on TOP of men in general – foot on their heads, FIRMLY – none of this would be possible, or happen!

More on that here – Malkin JI ke charano ki DHOOL .. – Paye Lagu, Malkin … JI! (

I’m out.

Back soon.


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