That heady feeling of being COMPLETELY out of control!

And I so love it!

So would you , if you – like me – turned around everywhere – and saw – and heard – and observed – and thought – nothing but dominant women, with the most beautiful feet, soles and ass and all else ever.

From the Japanese Goddess to perfect Madam Hemlata, to some other ladies I dont know on Twitter, I’ve been composing very heart felt messages to them all, just for being them and being so dominating, and their feet, their soles!

Its truly an HONOR to retweet them, even when they reply back (without really knowing me).

Thats something that for whatever reason (well, I know the reason) – doesnt happen for most male submissives.

Why – well, most male submissives are focused on what they can get for themselves out of it.

And that isn’t totally wrong, of course. If you have a kink, well, that kink should be discussed upfront with the lady, and some agreement should be arrived at, unlike a certain Bozo Schofield who pesters women up and down, gets roundly BLOCKED like the fool, moron and clown he is – and then weeps about it.

Really, Glyn has such a tiny cocklet though, thats part of it too. ??

(and he STILL comes back daily to be humiliated. Gotta say, some guys…eww! But it’s good for me, more $$ coming in, and its good for him – and YOU – to be OUTED! – humiliated like never before, like only Spicy and Erotic Fetish can do not just in front of your wife, friends, coworkers and office guys, but the ENTIRE WORLD, a truly global audience, you’ll know the meaning of humiliation at that point!).

Anyway – back to it.

I’ve mentioned the secrets to attracting femdom to you willy nilly in my book “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” – and truth be told, if that is all you did the rest of your life, you’d be SET in terms of getting more domination from females you could ever ever handle!

Trust me, sometimes, as I say in my books – you gotta be careful what you want, be careful what you set your heart on, because it SHALL be yours!

So it is with femdom, with anything you truly deeply desire at your deepest levels.

Anyway – what really amps it?

Is a secret not often discussed, I dont talk about it directly all the time either, but it’s there in some way, shape or form in all my manuals, books.

what is it?

Well, MALE chastity.

I’ll say this, EVERY male should experience the benefits of staying chaste for at least six months on end, if not years. Hehe. Most men can’t handle more than a few days, but once you learn what Napoleon Hill was talking about in Think and Grow Rich (i.e. sexual transmutation) – you’ll NEVER go back.

That, and regular hard workouts to keep those T levels high …

You literally, my friend wont just start attracting femdom to you – you’ll start attracting EVERYTHING you want in life to you – with seemingly nil effort!

There is one final twist to this, but thats will be too much for most people, so I wont mention it here.

Instead, let me end by saying – ruined orgasms are great, but if you can do without them, it’s best.

It’s best to not touch yourself at all – AT ALL!

Nipples, maybe yes – – if you do it right!

But when you’re at the point you’re looking at women, any women, and wanting them to humiliate you just for being a man, and just, I dont know, feeling so submissive towards ALL women in general, not just those “your preference” thats when you know you’re STARTING – I repeat, starting to get somewhere.

When you’re staring at their men’s cocks and wanting to worship them, you’re a fair ways there!

Its just all so nice, noxious, heady and out of control the feeling, it’s nothing short of LOVELY.

Like these ladies!

Oh, and sissygasms – real ones?


They just add to it all – work up to them, but once you’re used to it, keep getting drained regularly, and then fill back up both mentally and physically.

As a certain Paula once said, “Follow the leader Mike Watson”.

Trust me, once you follow my lead, you’ll never go back – pun not EVEN intended in terms of “black” and so forth.

And thats that – back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Cock worship – and ass worship are but natural progressions to all this, the mere SIGHT of her ass crack and his penis should drive you nuts!

If  not, you’re not doing it right. Hehe.

Feet and cock, boy, feet and cock!

And to truly understand get the following courses – in that order –

Cock Worship for Sissies, Bozos and Faggots

Penis Central (a MUST GRAB!)

Ass Worship 101 (Vol #2 on the way)

And thats that. Ignore – at your own LOSS!

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