Madam, Pineapple and more!

A short one, but to all the ladies out there, indeed people in general …

Be like a pineapple – always wear a crown, and be SWEET inside.

And of course, have spikes to drive Bozos away. Hehe.

The first line, not mine – a little girl was saying it, the second, mine. Hehe.

I just saw a “memory” on photos, a Chinese girl posting something about … a cock poking out of pants, except no cock, just an actual “cock” . hehe.


I wish I could simp to her.

Maybe I will!

I just gushed on another black penis I saw, the head so PROFOUNDLY GLISTENING, long, lovely …

But nothing of course compares to the one and only penis in this world I’ve never gushed so eloquent about anyone else’s !


And as I saw him posting another video of his lovely long penis … well, it just made my day!Be


Bear in mind, this is me whose sucked and slobbed on his penis SO much, all the girls around me KNOW it too.

Sissy Confessions for more on this – in the meantime, if THIS penis and those Pubes, so DENSE AN DTHICK – wisps poking out – dont make you WEAK – you’re not a real penis lover!

And if you are, you’ll want to get Penis Central now.

What a perfect day it is!

Master Wang, thank you – SO MUCH! I can almost feel his long dick slamming me on the nose – tip – BOY!



Mike Watson

PS – Trust me, this guy’s pubes will drive you INSANE WITH LUST! Perfect triangle, so DENSE! So sexy, that chest, those nipples, slim man …mmm! xxxx

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