“Footboy loves the attention!”

I so do. Hehe. Or, as I told Madam, her of the lovely soles – but the MIND is what really drew me to her.

And still does, in fact I’ve not even seen many foot pictures of her, and only one cock pic (her man), and that wasn’t intended to draw out the cuckold in me. Or cock lover, whichever (both are sometimes the same).

Or, as I told Madam. “Bitchboy loves attention too, and cock as well. I keep my ???lips SO red, Madam … and my – one of my many redeeming – features – my full lips… and a talented tongue” …

And then it was simp on mode full on again.

Now anyway, this isn’t about simping, I’ve gone into that a lot. Hell, I dont even know if Madam really believes I’ve got a tiny pecker and am pathetic. Hehe. something tells me she knows it’s the polar opposite. SHe’s a smart lady, I can feel it!

But attention?

I get it from a LOT of people, vast majority of times I respond with “ignore” or “block”.

There are SOME people I love attention from, fetish or not.

Honest people, down to earth people, intelligent people – people that dont just listen to what you say, people that THINK about what you say – and why – and people, that most of all – are DOERS.

Such as on this list, which is why I keep saying, if you’re a non doer, if you never have any intention of getting anything (those that dont) – then please just leave and spare me the trouble of going through the records and deleting you. Seriously!

Back to attention?

Sure, I love it – dont we all – but mine is different as I said before.

Like that different cock of mine. Hehe.  (which you’ve heard about before, eh).

But anyway – footboys and simps in general ALL love attention, my friend.

And believe me, if you follow the tips I lay out in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” (as I’ve said so often before, it works for ladies from everywhere!!) – you’ll GET attention, all of it you can handle, and more, without even consciously trying, proof in the very sticky pudding here!

Along with that book, make sure to get – and practice – rehearse – recite – daily – multiple times daily – what have you – practice makes PERFECT, 10,000 hours of practice at anything is required to get good, for femdom, the more the better – anyway, THIS book as well – 16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that will attract TRUE FEMDOM to you like MOTHS TO A FLAME!” …

And, thats that.

Back soon.


Mike Watson

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