Amusing Madam Megan …

And ladies in general – so nice!

You know what the best part about findom – femdom – all of it – is?

Not just “on her own terms”, and truly “as she pleases”.

That part is fine!

But “laughing your way into her heart” – or amusing her, making her laugh – and “getting her” that way isn’t just for romance and such – it applies equally to femdom, findom etc – and if you’re a TRUE femdom lover – well, you know what I mean!

Hearing her LAUGH – really laugh, genuine, not fake, at YOU – as you are humiliated, and as she knows you like it … THAT is the key!

For both her and you – if you’re a true femdom lover.

“A man this big loves to be abused?” tittered Madam Megan this morning.

And she tittered more as well – see beneath! Hehe.

She was talking about not being able to “afford” her new servant.


I’d pay Madam for it. Hehe.

And of course, I’d do what she wants, likes, all of it – but the key to all this?

It is this, my friend.

SHE truly enjoys it.

SHE is laughing. Giggling. Tittering. Smiling.

And to me, that genuine amusement is what real femdom is all about, at least one very huge aspect of it.

It should be FUN!

Especially for her … (and really, the rush of blood to my loins and the humiliation, both and all of it, when I hear her laugh at me – – just so NICE!) (its what it’s all about!)

And on that note, I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up some sizzling stories of Chinese femdom HERE.

PS #2 – Femdom thought of the day. Pets should amuse their owners, isnt it?


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