Is “Foot” ball a silly game?


Remember the Japanese Goddess I once wrote about whose face I have NOT seen until now?

Remember the Amazonian QUEEN I once wrote about … ? Whose lovely large soles drove me INSANE with lust, all unfulfiled, I even fell in love with her man’s dick and balls, and she loved it, giggling away “pathetic!” – even though his dong was cute but nothing that special muah.

Reminds me, I gotta say HI TO HER!

I will now… Some women just HAVE IT SO!

Like Mistress Jyoti did, still does, or Priyanka, what have you…

Anyway – this lady seems to be of Indian descent, and shes driven me equally insane with lust over the past few days, unlike with the above two ladies, she loves to ignore me!

I love that too. Hehe.

Though thats probably because she has so many followers she literally cannot reply to each of them, but I can feel her enjoying and basking in the adultation I send her way. As she SHOULD!

Anyway, she wrote about keeping politics out of the soccer world Cup – a game she seems to enjoy. Hehe.

“It’s about a silly game, people are there to watch that, not be lectured!”


So sage, the way she calls it a silly game!

So sagess the way another Jyoti I’ve been chatting with off and on calls an Indian film actor handsome as hell, sexy etc but not her “dream man”

Indian girls truly have their own brand of everything – femdom included!

This should probably be on the other site, but I figured I’d write it here.

And I replied to Madam – indeed, sage how she calls it a silly game, much like an S.O. of mine calls cricket a stupid game.

A long time ago, I Remember a friend of mine saying ball games were stupid “grown men running after a ball”.


I dont know if I agree.

I love some sports, pro wrestling which isn’t even a real sport – included!

But … logically, gotta admit despite the big money and Testosterone on offer, he was right!

But ladies do love the sleek bodies in soccer, hehe.

It’s all about being slim, muscular and sexy guys – that V shape to your upper body – NOT the bulk and muscles – most ladies hate that.


And Sissy Workouts is modeled upon that thinking, even if you’re not into fetish, from a workout standpoint youll WANT that book – NOW!

(so get in the pre-order for it if you have not already)


I love how ladies call the sports foolish. Yet, they love to admire the eye candy on offer. Hehe.

Dont we all?

So they should!

And foot – ball being stupid?

Well, sports, maybe, maybe not, but when a lady’s lovely regal royal FOOT lands on your BALLS, sissy, its anything but stupid!

It’s the best thing ever!

While you worship the STUD’s balls if possible!

And BallBusting 101 covers extremely inventive, never seen before ways to do it – ways that will have you, the SUB gasping in “pain and pleasure both!” (you wont be able to decide which you are experiencing, and liking better, not to mention, you’ll be so deep in subspace you’ll probably never fully emerge!!) … and the domina SMIRKING, and nodding – at the UTTER satisfaction she feels at TRULY humiliating you both mentally and physically like no other, NEVER BEFORE!

Anything BUT stupid.

Madam – Paye Lagu, I wish I could say that to you.

You’re just like Priyanka Chopra, so REGAL – so NICE!


Mike Watson

PS – You’ll want to pick up Ball Busting 101 NOW before the price goes UP. HURRY!!

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