Drinking from the wickedness of others = 3x our humanity!

I never stop marveling at my affiliate and translator – or “our”, I should say – the lovely PAULA!

Her work is just so perfect in every regard, and in every email she sends, every bit of work she does, every review she provides, every video she makes – it’s not only something different, but she ENCAPSULATES the spirit of these books – and the vein in which they were written better than even me perhaps!

Well, maybe not better than me, but its a close call I’d say!

And her latest review on Princess Joanie here – well, you’ll have to check it out NOW my friend. It’s that damn good!

Just ONE line she says …

Drinking from the wickedness of others = 3x our humanity!


It was that gleam in the eyes, that WICKEDNESS mixed in with a veneer of normalcy and cuteness – those “devil” horns she put on that profile picture – that TILT to her face – that did it all!

And the knowing look in her eyes, a mixture of youth and cunning wicked wisdom – she knows how those long legs of hers and that bratty dominant attitude made men SIMPS for her!

And she so deserves it!!

Today, literally years later, I remember that night – – Friday night at 1 AM , I was unable to sleep, idly browsing through wechat, and … well, the rest in the book!

Enough from me – Madam Paula – Countess Paula, rather, as she deserves (my fingers shake typing this, so well did she put it!) – has said it all, check out the review by clicking that link above.

Anyway check out the review NOW my friend – then BUY the book.

And thats that.


Mike Watson

PS – Always remember, just like another stunningly dominant Indian Goddess says on her channel.

“Seva ka phal hamesha meetha hota hai”

In other words, serving others always results in rewards for YOU – often way more than you thought – key is this, you have to do it with no expectation which is where most people fail – and do so miserably.

I didnt turn the previously NOT dominant Rachna Ma’am into the dominant force of nature she is TODAY by asking her for “extras” every time I pressed her feet, for one.


I just did, until the subconscious took over, she truly accepted me as her inferior, and life … was just so beautiful after that – and continues to be, under her foot – where a man’s true place is, always under a woman’s dominant, knowing, and controlling FOOT!

Back soon – oh be sure and pick up some tales of Indian femdom NOW, if just to learn from them!

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