Nothing but the DUST under my high school teacher Madam Vandana’s lovely SOLES!

“Wo Uski Payat Hai” , said the man.

In response to something I told him, while Madam Vandana “Vandy” was teaching a class, which we (as adults!) were in.


Another one of those super vivid dreams last night, and going back to school, and Madam Vandana, perfect Madam Vandana with that LILT to her voice, and sexy red lips and pout – and most of all, those lovely Punjabi FEET, always well maintained … appeared in it!

As she does quite often, but she hasn’t as of late, but she did last night!

I still have a copy of the unfinished “The M.B.A student” sitting somewhere on the hard drive, which features here.

So much to do, so little time (I haven’t gotten past half that book!)

But perhaps the reason she “came” in my dream was the following … we ended up getting a NEW site online – and quite aptly named – Paye Lagu Malkin!

Here it is – – I’m sure I’ll be making additions to down the line, but for now, it’s a simple one page site of sorts with Indian femdom books by yours truly.

But Vandana, perfect Madam Vandana!

I still remember jerking off to her in my room when I was a teenager, furtively checking to see that Mom wasn’t watching!

In an OLD stained cloth full of ink stains at that (and now it’s that cruddy old cloth I do it in, hehe. My sissy cum deserves no better! ;)).

But I loved her feet.

Long feet, and toes always painted bright red, and the soles were always dirty in India’s grime and dust (at least thats how it was back then in the subcontinent, but I suspect it’s the same now in that regard!).

I often thought about pressing her feet, washing them, being dominated by her.

I truly had a crush on her .. like I did my aunt (one of them) – another one with lovely feet!

I’m not sure if Aunt knows, but Madam Vandana? I bet she did subconsciously, and as for why?

Well – thats a topic for another email!

Stay tuned, hehe.

Best ,
Mike Watson

PS – Don’t forget to check out the new site HERE – and if you want femdom emailings EXCLUSIVELY of an Indian femdom nature, then be sure to sign up for the site there too!

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