PLaying the scenario- in your HEAD first!

And I mean the big head, hehe – although it might end up being the small head that “perks up more” hearing this, but anyway, what I’m about to tell you here is a tip – a very powerful tip that everyone KNOWS about – but rarely does anyone do it, and if they do, they dont do it PROPERLY.

Much like you know you’re fat when you are (if you truly are), but how fat people – a lot – delude themselves into thinking theyre big, not fat, how they refuse to work out like they should despite knowing they should …

If I linked to my fitness friend’s books HERE? Well, most of you would not be interested, so to get y’all sissie in the best shape possible, and even just the average person doing these stretches and movements – I am working on Sissy Workouts – a book for which you simply MUST place your pre-order for now before the price goes UP – even MORE.

Lots already have.

Anyway …

With Rachna Ma’am, when I first started out – amongst her many objections to 24/7 femdom was this – she’d keep “balking” at it.

I’d say assign me the dishes, she’d yell – almost – saying “it’s not your job entirely!”

This when – picture this – in a foul mood, she’d often TELL Me to do it.


With women, these things happen my friend.

She WANTED it, she was just too reticent to tell me to do it.

And thats one example.

Now, I could logically break it down as such –

You dont like it.

Or, “Ma’am, thats not your job – lets be honest – is it?”

It may or may not be my job, but I like it, why not assign it to me and benefit MORE?

And so forth. But logic, pal, doesnt often hold sway in these discussions (with a lot of women that is).

If she’s into femdom already to an extent, it might, but what I’m saying applies even then, and it applies to any goal you might have in your mind, no matter how seemingly impossible it might seem to achieve at the outset.

Including being dominated by the woman of your dreams.

Picture, repeatedly, all of this – all these scenarios – the verbiage etc in YOUR OWN MIND! First, foremost, and until things get to a  point where open discussion without arguments is possible (in many households, even getting husband and wife to TALK without tearing each other’s throats out is a chore!) …

Picture it in your MIND repeatedly.

All the time.


Carry the thought with you but resist the urge, as you might have if you’re really wanting femdom 24/7 … to SAY it upfront, except in its most basic terms sometimes, and even then, just agree with her.

THAT is how you activate the subconscious, and pretty soon, you’ll have more femdom in your life than you could bargain for – if you follow the other affirmations, rules and tips I lay out in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” – – and “16 Incredibly Powerful FemdomAffirmations that will attract femdom to YOU like moths to a FLAME! on auto pilot” …

Volume Two of the latter book is being written as I speak, so I’ll get back to it!


Pun intended.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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