Should I stop admiring the regal and SO PERFECT Goddess Josie I mentioned a while ago?

Hell no!

At least, that’s what I’d say.

And as I await Madam’s response, this was in response to some absolutely lovely pictiures she posted on her WeChat a while back.

Last night, it seems . . .

Pictures showing her in the bathroom in a tank top, bodacious ones at that.

Hey, let’s face it.

Yours cucked truly is a MAN after all. A REAL MAN – and if that kinda surprises you, well, it shouldn’t. It’s not only one of the SECRETS I mention in terms of attracting FEMALE dominance to you in all its shapes, forms and guises to you, but it’s also something I mention repeatedly in Cuck Central.

You gotta be a real person first my friend, and anything else after that, and no, door mat central is only good if backed up with other things.



I u nderstand!

Read the book(s) and you’ll see, my friend (or should I say MANUALS, as that’s what the above two really are).

Fiction can be found HERE.

But back to the point.

As soon as I saw those lovely bare arms, kinda “fat” according to her, and prefaced with “the next picture (a lot skinnier) was taken 4 years ago!), I wanted to drop down and WORSHIP.

Big, big time!

Kiss those lovely arms, and shoulders.

Look at those lovely lips and imagine them doing exactly what yours truly did in Cuckold Compilations.

Or more! ?(

“Don’t think too much, boy! I have a boyfriend!” this regal lady once told me, and she’s oh so regal!


She doesn’t even bother typing to me most of the time. Usually stickers which “get the point across” and of course those pictures of wine glasses and bottles, hehe.

And she’s so perfect, I can’t stop admiring her.

“Always a pleasure, Madam”, I said, as she sent me a thank you to all my compliments.

“. . . my pleasure, isn’t it?”

And of course, she didn’t reply.

But, words are NOT necessary as I’ve often said at the best of times, and with perfect Madam Josie?

Well, one imperious look of the eye is all it takes, and those lovely red nails of hers, those red TALONS ready to wreak pure HAVOC on . . . but I’ll let that one go for now!

And that’s it for now. Back soon!

(Should I stop admiring her? Should I stop complimenting her? Should I ? Yes or no? As I await her response, you can write in and tell me too!)


Mike Watson

PS – Again, and HERE is where you can find my most scintillating “hard on giving (or should I say “Leak Central” for you sissies, hehe)” stories of Chinese femdom, done just like ONLY women from the Chinese mainland (CHINESE WOMEN!) can! – Chinese Femdom.

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