Why DOING the thing for her is key – first!

It IS Key – no pun intended, and pun intended – both!

There are two very important sayings in life most people know, but do not “know” in that they dont implement in their own lives.

One being – DO the thing, and you shall have the power.

Simply reading about it doesnt work, my friend.

Simply wanting something and then being cheap and saying “but I can find it for free on the internet” doesn’t work either. Saying “I already know it” doesnt either …

These, my friend, are some of the objections some idiots raised to my pathbreaking course on attracting femdom to you “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland“.

Needless to say, these fools were roundly BLOCKED.

We dont want that sort around here at all!

And two – more importantly … You have to give – with no expectation or strings attached before you GET.

Make NO mistake about it, my friend, both paths hold true for life, business, as a friend of mine in fitness says “fitness too” – and … well, here?


If price wankers, cheapskates and idiots like Glyn who pester women late at night saying “I want to suck your man’s dick” and “I want to be your servant” can’t find femdom – beyond a momentary kick – that is one reason.

Look, you have to GIVE first, and often a lot of it before you receive.

When I first started out with Rachna Maam – domination?

She was shy, it was the LAST thing on her mind, even getting her to let me kiss her feet was a chore!



And our play never really progressed beyond “play” … until …

… until one fine day I started to “do the thing” and never look back.

There was NO fetish involved in all those years of washing dishes, clothes etc.

She didnt ask. I did it myself. Often times she’d wonder – or ask “why I’m doing all the work”.

I wouldn’t tell her why – she knew about the fetish, but I never brought that up mostly…

It’s the SUBCONSCIOUS mind which truly brings to fruition what one wants, my friend – in a way that it lasts, not temporarily, or for a few days, or for a jerk, or whatever it is …

And it is DOING the thing, the “dreary, unsexy” part of it which really brings rewards down the line.

In terms of femdom, I’ve given so much – is it a wonder I’ve gotten more and continue to – more than what most people get in a lifetime?

I dont think so, my friend.

THAT is the part that people – guys especially ignore – and that I have not, until this date.

Often times, the rewards may not come directly from the person you’re seeking them from.

But come they shall my friend, if you DO the thing, they will come – for sure!

And thats the lesson for those that care to implement it.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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