Iced Sperm, Sissy periods and more…

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Iced Sperm, Sissy periods and more…



All interesting ideas, and you guys seem be thinking of these a lot! Hehe.

Nothing new to me, really – sissy periods for one, YES, every sissy should know what it feels like to LEAK all day (when hot and horny – – as well as the feeling of constantly being “wet” down there as women are during their periods!).

And therefore, what I keep saying about KEEPING that butt plug IN, sissy!

Not to mention, some of those butt plugs, especially the remote controlled ones – the more swollen with lust that prostrate is, the gentlest of touchest will send you into spasms of ecstasy, much like for a woman!

A real sissy should have her cock locked – and butt plugged.

All her holes should always be filled – starting from the pussy at the back!


And as for iced sperm?

well, I’ve been fed Sperm in so many ways!

On rice.

In curd.

And in Serving an Indian Goddess, “Kanta” was made to brush her teeth with leftover cum too!

It’s been smeared all over me.

Its been put in my ass multiple times.

I’ve drank it – of course!

Iced sperm?

I’ve never tried it, but thats interesting, sperm could freeze, and melting that lovely gooey mixture – oh my!

Much like the tastiest chocolate sundae ever for sissies, eh. Use it as topping, or anything you’d so choose – or like!

All good ideas, guys – I suspect it’s sissy men sending these in. Hehe.

And to turn into the sissy you’ve always dreamt of being, that you so WANT to be, cocks dangling in front of you, dominant women and their SOLES and legs all around you, their fat butts, hips, asses, I know, a lot of you like “Aunties” too, hehe (which I dont blame you, I LOVE Older ladies, I love all ladies!) … by following the mind blowing, world class, one of it’s kind and results producing tips laid out in the ONE book of it’s kind out there – Sissy Central!

And that, my friend is that.

Back soon!